DfT has NOT driven or endorsed London Underground's revised HOT procedure

Further to our decision NWW 11.7.17, and upon further examination; we consider it important to note that there has been no changes to Government guidance around HOT procedures, and instructing staff to open or tamper with suspicious packages is contrary to current guidance and puts staff and the travelling public in severe and imminent danger.

The current guidance advises that if, after following the HOT protocol a member of staff considers an object to be suspect, they should take the following actions in this order: (1) clear the immediate area and (2) inform your supervisor/control. So the decision is clearly with the frontline staff on the spot and not with the manager or supervisor.

Accordingly, any member compelled in a contrary manner by management to open or tamper with a package they consider suspicious may wish to refuse to do so on the grounds of health & safety; and this union will provide them with its full and ongoing support.

We also note to that the DfT has NOT driven or endorsed London Undergrounds revised HOT procedure as the company have falsely claimed.

Due to the severe danger of the companies revised HOT procedure and rash approach to consultation with this union on this matter, we instruct the General Secretary to raise this with the London Mayor with utmost vigour and a campaign involving briefing the press and London MP’s.

We also note the failure of the company due to financial constraints to address the worsening situation of lack of train cab security needs to be raised also with the London Mayor.

All members to be advised by email and text.

All relevant Branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.