Covid 19 - We will provide an essential service but we must be protected & respected

ABM Cleaners Victory

Winning sick pay at the full shift rate for ABM cleaners isolating or sick with Covid 19 is an important safeguard for those members and for everyone working on our tube network. But there are other sub-contractors and self-employed workers working on the tube network and they need the same protection.

When RMT met LUL directors on 16/3/20 we put a number of demands to them. This included the need for sick pay for cleaners but also many other points.

We need vulnerable members removed from the workplace. We need LUL to ensure supplies of soap and sanitiser at all workplaces.  We also made it clear that in implementing a reduced emergency service we must be consulted and no member should be forced to work outside of their normal location and hours without their agreement.

Access to Soap & Sanitiser

We’re told it is essential to keep the tube running but it doesn’t seem essential to provide soap and sanitiser at every LUL workplace. This has to change immediately.

Isolation & Sick Leave

Managers in some areas continue to obstruct members who need to isolate. Senior management must lay the law down to their own managers and instruct them to work with our local health & safety reps to identify vulnerable staff and protect them.



The need to facilitate those who need time off must also apply to members who need to care for children who are out of school. LUL has told managers to grant up to 14 days paid domestic leave in these circumstances. We need to urgently discuss with LU what arrangements can be made for those who need to look after children beyond these 14 days.

Reduced Service

LUL has announced the closure of 40 stations without even telling the stations functional council. This completely flies in the face of their assurances on 16/3/20 to consult us on their plans through company council and functional councils.

All discussions must stick to the position we put to LUL directors, that no-one is forced to work outside of their normal contractual arrangements unless it’s with their agreement.

RMT members have shown that we are ready to provide an essential service during this Covid 19 crisis. But that means we must be involved in decision making about how best to run such a service and how to protect our members.

RMT is insisting that discussions now take place on a regular basis at Company Council level to ensure agreements are carried out in all areas and functions.

Know Your Rights: Download RMT bulletin