Coronavirus Crisis - LUL & Governemnet Must Act Now

« LUL must reduce usage now

« Government must shut down construction sites and guarantee pay of all self-employed/Gig economy workers

« Agreed enhanced cleaning plans must be put into action now

« Station staff must be told to work behind glass and only work in public areas when essential for safety reasons

« All non-essential maintenance must be cancelled. TFL must guarantee pay of all self-employed workers in its orbit


RMT will tell LUL that without these measures being agreed and implemented immediately we will be unable to advise our members that we consider it safe to come to work.

We have no PPE  to reduce the risk of coronavirus and we must be able to work in accordance with the government’s social distancing advice.

We are committed to providing the best service we can at this difficult time but that cannot be achieved if we are unable to even implement the basic guidelines for social distancing and safe working.

These points will be put to LUL at the highest level today.