Branch Motion Expresses 'Total Support' For RMT Activist Mark Harding

RMT Paddington No.1 branch meeting this afternoon (Friday, 7 February 2014) was attended by 40 RMT members who carried the following resolution unanimously:

"This RMT Paddington No.1 branch expresses our total support for our Brother, Mark Harding (RMT Hammersmith & City branch) was the victim yesterday of a police and judicial provocation that is a threat to the human, civil and trade union rights of every worker in Britain. We have learnt that Mark Harding was arrested and held for 13 hours by police for exercising his right to free speech and fair comment on a picket line at Hammersmith during the strike by RMT and TSSA members in the current dispute against LUL/TfL's planned service and job cuts.

"Even more concerning, Mark's bail conditions include 'Not to be actively involved in any RMT trade union or any other union associated with LUL/TfL or to be in attendance at any organised industrial Action until the case is finalised'. This condition is a breach of Mark's human and civil rights to associate freely with his fellow RMT members and a clear and flagrant invitation to LUL to dismiss a great, dedicated RMT activist and elected official.

"To our knowledge this draconian condition is unprecedented in British industrial relations history, although there are many shameful examples of state oppression of workers' and trade union rights. We know that our union will support Mark legally and industrially in overturning this abusive condition and ensuring he is able to return to his lawful role as an RMT trade union official organising and fighting for his members' interests. We call on the RMT Council of Executives to make a call on the whole of the trade union movement and all those who support democratic rights to campaign to overturn the offensive persecution of Mark Harding by the police."

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