Bakerloo drivers to be balloted over proposed new timetable


That we note the resolution from the well-attended Special Meeting yesterday evening of our Bakerloo Line Branch; and that:

• The company have disregarded representations made by our IR and H&S Representatives

• Refused requests for an ad-hoc IR machinery meeting to address the failing timetable resulting in Train Operator members being disciplined for SPADS, made to work compulsory overtime, being unable to use the toilet and encountering unacceptable stress levels all as a result of the faulty timetable and undue pressure put on them by overbearing management.

• Management convened an emergency meeting last Friday on them becoming aware of the strength of feeling among our members; of all the Bakerloo Line RMT and ASLEF IR & H&S Reps where Management refused to re-consider the timetable, refused our Representatives holding compromise position of a suspension of disciplinary sanctions and other holding measures whilst the dire situation is addressed.

• Our Bakerloo Line Branch representatives have done the work on the shop floor and our members are ready to go to ballot now.

Accordingly; we instruct the General Secretary to immediately ballot all Bakerloo Line Train Operators and Operator Instructors for Industrial Action in the form of:

• Strike Action

• Actions Short of a Strike; namely:

- Comply with the Professional Train Operators Agreement (PTOA).
- Comply with the Framework of Agreement.
- No compulsory overtime.
- Trains to be short tripped as necessary.

Members to be advised by email & text.

Bakerloo Line Branch & the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

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