ABM cleaners strike blocked by Tory anti union laws


That we note the ballot result for Strike Action is as follows:

Number of members balloted: 620

Total votes cast: 299 (48.2%)

Number voting YES: 294 (98.3%)

Number voting NO: 5 (1.7%)

Spoilt papers: 0

The 40% threshold was met but the 50% turnout thresholds were not met.

We thank our ABM Cleaner members, ABM representatives & activists, our Cleaning Grades Committee, Lead Officer, members/reps/activists of other grades & branches, the London Transport Regional Council, Org Unit and Head Office Staff for the sterling work in mounting a solid campaign to win a Yes Vote for Strike Action.

*Due to the Conservative Government’s Anti-Trade Union Laws and intimidation of RMT cleaner members by ABM Facility Services; this ballot failed to reach the required voting turnout threshold by 11 votes despite us having a 98.3% YES Vote for Strike Action!

ABM Facility Services, London Underground, TfL and the GLA are collectively party to a joint enterprise of exploitation via a low-cost model employment ultimately presided over by Sadiq Khan London Mayor to keep costs down at the expense of their exploited tube cleaners.

*It is an utter disgrace for a so-called Labour Mayor to use this approach to employ cleaners to keep London Underground fire safe and clean in this manner; and to hide behind the Conservative Governments Anti Trade Union Laws all to pass on savings to voting Londoners in a bid to win their votes for his re-election next year as London Mayor, and further his own political his career.

We instruct the General Secretary to arrange an urgent meeting of our ABM representatives, Lead Officer, Senior Assistant General Secretary, LU branch and London Transport Regional Council Officers with members of the NEC in attendance to organise an immediate Day of Action and other campaigning activities.

Members to be advised by email & text.

London Underground branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

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