Meetings and events

Neasden Branch Meeting

Please Note, Branch normally meets on a Wednesday, but due to Football on the wednesday branch will meet as specified below

THURSDAY 15th October, 1600 Hours, The Torch Pub (Function Room), Wembley Park

This Months Meeting:

Branch Officers and Representative - Nominations Update from Regional Organiser regarding pay issue and re-ballot Information regarding the recently called Ballot on Willesden Green Group and much more, of course, Everyone is welcome..

Annual TFL Parade At The Cenotaph

circular logo with wreath
This is an extract of RMT's Official circular regarding LUL - IR/296/09 dated 9th October 2009.

You may be aware that for a number of years LUL and its predecessors have had the right to participate in the Annual Remembrance Parade at the Cenotaph. The TFL contingent is made up of past and present employees.

London Underground Reps' Meeting: Have Your Say on Pay

All London Underground RMT reps (indusrial relations, not health and safety) are released from duty to attend our meeting to discuss London Underground's pay offer, as follows:

Venue: Mahatma Gandhi Hall, Indian YMCA Fitzroy Square, near Warren Street

It is very important that you attend this meeting, to report on your members' views on the pay offer and to take part in the discussion on how the union should respond.