Meetings and events

Join us on 29th of January at the Cleaners' Rally of Parliament

Solidarity with our Tube Cleaners

RMT Parliamentary rally and demonstration


London Underground cleaners have been invited to come to the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 29th January to meet with some MPs. The MPs want to hear from cleaners about their issues. The best people to talk to the MPs are the cleaners themselves.

RMT to join anti-racist demo on 9th December

Far right leader Tommy Robinson is attempting to capitalise on the Government's Brexit crisis by organising a rally on 9th December to promote his far right, fascist agenda.

He is trying to win broader support for a new violent racist street movement, which has already been responsible for racist attacks and attacks on trade unionists, including RMT members.

RMT is supporting the counter demonstration organised by Stand Up to Racism on 9th December.