RMT Vows To Oppose EDL March Through Walthamstow And Builds On Anti-Racism Campaigning

A letter from London Transport Regional Council's Secretary John Reid, to all members

The racist EDL is threatening to march through the streets of Walthamstow on Saturday the 27th October. They were stopped in September and we vow to stop them again in October and whenever they rear their ugly heads.

The EDL claims to be non-racist and non-fascist, yet their numbers are made up of many of the same people who have previously been in the ranks of fascist and racist organisations.
Their anti-Islam bile is reminiscent of the anti-Jewish rantings of the Nazis in the 1930's. At Kings Cross, in September, they were singing anti-Irish songs as well as distributing anti-Islam leaflets. The EDL are an anti-trade union organisation and has threatened trade union meetings. The EDL has attacked trade unionists campaigning against government cuts and their whole philosophy is against the organised working class.

The London Transport Regional Council will organise discussions in our branches on the dangers of racism and fascism, which is used to divide our class.

The policies of the three major political parties have fuelled the growth of the far right. Policies of de-industrialisation, cutbacks in services; the rundown of cheap available social housing and the huge levels of youth and long-term unemployment have alienated many working people and allowed racist organisations to peddle their ideas of division and bigotry.

The RMT stands for a socialist solution to the problems of capitalism. This will be achieved by unity in action of black, white and Asian workers, regardless of ethnic background or religious belief. Those responsible for unemployment, housing shortages and cuts in public services are the bankers and the super rich who make vast profits while our people, the working class, languish on the dole, live in poor housing and are denied basic social services.

We will not let the EDL or any organisation divide our class. We will combat them and build unity of working people to defeat racism. We will link with trade union and anti-racist organisations to build a trade union and political alternative to the far-right and also to the cutbacks of the main political parties.
In the run up to October 27th we will visit stations and discuss with reps and rank and file members how best to stop the EDL using our stations and putting our members and passengers at risk.

Our opposition to the EDL will continue after 27 October and discussions will be organised throughout the region to involve branches and RMT members in the building of our anti racist campaign.