Strikes Suspended as Management Back Down over Signals Rosters

Click '2 attachments' / file names to download a leaflet and the text of the agreement reached at ACAS.

Following developments today at ACAS, the RMT has agreed to suspend ALL action for this Sunday (and subsequent Sundays following this).

Over the next few weeks, a procedure will be agreed whereby any discussions on roster changes will need to go through a defined process that allows for full discussions to occur at local, functional and company council levels.

This will end the ability of a manager to turn up, give our members a roster then say “you’ve 28 Days and I am imposing this on you”. Whether it is six person Technical Officer or DLO Fault Call Electricians Roster, full discussions must take place.

Furthermore LUL recognise that the majority of our members work Monday to Friday and are not rostered on shift at weekends. This means that the RMT can now enter into talks over the next few months with the threats to our rosters REMOVED and explore alternatives that suit our members and fit in with their own work life balance (such as Sunday to Thursday working/ enhanced pay rates for weekend roster staff or just staying on Monday to Friday) and enable LUL to make budget savings. Similarly, we look to resolve the issue of outsourcing with companies such as Giffens by having solutions that are acceptable to our members and not imposed by management.

This process will be complete within two months and we still retain the right to put more industrial action on at that time if necessary if all our issues are not resolved. It is important that people recognise that it is their strength and solidarity that has allowed us to negotiate this agreement on your behalf.