National Executive Council Member report

Regular reports from Jared Wood, who represents the RMT London Transport Region on the National Executive Council.

Council of Executives Member's Report to Regional Council, January 2012

You can read Council of Executives decisions relevant to our region here

RMT Executive report leaflet, October 2011

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download a leaflet giving a report of various issues from our union's national executive - our pay claims, the McNulty report, RMT/TSSA merger, Bombardier job cuts, young members, 'know your rights' advice, London Overground, reinstatement campaigns, taxis, reduced-rate RMT membership fees for cleaners, canteen staff and track contract workers, and the latest from our equalities groups - disabled, women, LGBT and black & ethnic minority members - plus a brief guide to how the union's decision-making works..

Council of Executives Member's Report to Regional Council, September 2011

  • PAY
    • Alstom – referendum rejected 32-17
    • LU – offer rejected; talks at ACAS tomorrow
    • EDF Powerlink – improved offer – Regional Organiser to report
    • CTS – offer improved to 3.5%
    • Initial cleaners – pay uprated in line with London Living Wage – organising campaign underway
    • Issa Kanu reinstated
    • Jayesh Patel – Directors Review offered return to driver after 12 months – meeting sought

Council of Executives Report to LTRC Executive, 13 September

  • PAY
    • Alstom – referendum closes 29 September
    • LU – offer rejected; Unite referendum rejected last LU offer; meeting with the other unions this week; further discussion at GGC after Thursday’s meeting
    • Jayesh Patel, Tunde Umanah, James Masango – see decisions
    • Track contract workers’ charter – being laid out this week
    • Reduced-rate subs – Initial cleaners, Sodexho canteens

Council of Executives Member's Report to Regional Council, 25 August


  • London Underground
    • revised offer (Y1 5%, Y2-4 RPI+0.25%, Y5 RPI+0.5%) rejected by GGC
    • other unions also rejected; RMT wrote to ASLEF urging joint response: no reply
    • LU has referred the issue to ACAS
    • campaign needed in workplaces; LTRC meeting for members, 15 September
  • CTS – 3% offer, feedback sought
  • Alstom – revised offer: Y1 4%; Y2 4% + Olympics bonus of up to £400 – Regional Organiser recommends referendum with recommendation to reject


  • Tunde Umanah reinstated

Council of Executives Member's Report to LTRC Executive, August 2011

  • LU pay – revised offer (Y1 5%, Y2-4 RPI+0.25%, Y5 RPI+0.5%) to be discussed by GGC tomorrow (10/8) – recommendation to reject – letter to ASLEF urging joint response: no reply
  • CTS pay – 3% offer, feedback sought
  • Victimisations – Tunde Umanah, Jayesh Patel, Tony Rowntree – all still awaiting appeal outcome
  • Review of industrial disputes, LU – verbal report on progress to be given; input needed
  • LU Job Cuts – to be discussed by GGC tomorrow (10/8)

Council of Executives Member's Report to Regional Council, July 2011


  • London Underground – The latest offer is Y1 4.75% Y2-5 RPI+0.25%, very little on conditions; RMT rejected (see decision); other unions indicated they would reject too
  • EDF Powerlink – the latest offer is Y1 4.5%, Y2-5 RPI+0.25%; RMT rejected (see decision)
  • Tube Lines (Stratford Market, ex-Alstom) – accepted 2-year deal of Y1 5.6%; Y2 RPI+0.5% (min. 0.5%); changes to rosters to be subject to negotiations

Council of Executives Report to Regional Council Executive, July 2011


  • Arwyn reinstated - dispute resolved - details of settlement to be given verbally
  • request for donation to LabourStart
  • outstanding victimisation cases - Tony Rowntree; Jayesh Patel; Tunde Amanah
  • review of industrial disputes

Pay & Conditions

  • London Underground - Company Council tomorrow; cleaning vouchers
  • Tube Lines (ex-Alstom) - accepted
  • EDF Powerlink - rejected
  • CBS Outdoor - accepted
  • TfL - third year of 3-year deal

RMT Executive Report to Regional Council Executive, 14 June 2011

  • Victimisations – see decision re strike dates, Arwyn; talks at ACAS tomorrow; dispute payments decision 20/21 June; publicity and workplace visits; LabourStart email campaign; preparation for all-grades ballot; Tony Rowntree CDI and appeal; other victimisations; review of industrial disputes
  • LU pay – latest offer rejected; next talks 22 June
  • LU stations job cuts – reps’ meeting; GGC decision; stations and revenue grades meeting, 23 June
  • Track contract workers’ charter – list of contractors compiled; reduced subs to be decided 20/21 June; first draft of Charter now done