Jubilee South branch

Jubilee South branch includes workers of all grades from Westminster to Stratford working on London Underground. This includes station, train, SMD signalling, catering and cleaning members.

Jubilee South Branch Special EJM Meeting


Jubilee South branch special EJM meeting

The Jubilee South branch is holding a special meeting on Thursday 5th December at 1600 in the Blue Eyed Maid. This meeting is specifically to discuss the devastating cuts planned by our bosses. Come along and have your say. This is your opportunity to find out the facts and discuss tactics on how to fight back.

  • Special branch meeting
  • Thursday 5th December – 1600
  • The Blue Eyed Maid, Borough High Street
  • Nearest Tube London Bridge
  • Your chance to have your say

Executive Welcomes & Supports Jubilee South Branch Call For Strike Ballot On Job Cuts Threat

We note and adopt the report of our Southern Sub-committee.

We welcome the resolution from our Jubilee South branch, and support its proposals. We therefore instruct the General secretary to:

  1. Organise a public meeting in defence of London Underground jobs, preferably in conjunction with Action for Rail, and involving disability access to transport pressure groups such as Transport for All, and supportive MPs and GLA members.

LUL "Seeking A Pretext For Cutting Staff, Regardless Of...Safety" On Jubilee RMT Believe

We note the resolution from our Jubilee South branch. We share its concern at London Underground management’s attempts to impose a less safe procedure for dealing with defective Platform Edge Doors. Once again, the company appears to be seeking a pretext for cutting staff, regardless of the consequences for passenger safety.

JLE PED isolation - if it aint broke dont fix it

Why replace a safe system with a high risk dangerous one? The RMT is very concerned by the dangerous plans by management on the Jubilee Line to alter our procedure for isolating a defective Platform Edge Door. We believe a member of staff must be positioned by an isolated platform edge door is essential to maintaining a safe operation.
Station staff are the eyes and ears for drivers in these situations, and their absence can lead to dangerous situations and possible injuries - most notably to children, visually impaired people and mobility impaired people.

Action Plan In Place To Resolve Jubilee Dispute. Industrial Action 'Not Necessary'

We note the report from our lead officer, which confirms that following a meeting described by our representative as ‘positive’, there is an action plan to resolve the dispute and that industrial action will not be necessary.

This matter is to be placed back in front of us following the three-month review.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised. Jubilee South branch to be advised by personal letter.

Jubilee South Branch Resolutions April 2013

London Transport branch 'Jubilee South' passed the following resolutions at today's meeting. All three will now go the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender conference which is being held in Blackpool next month.

In addition to passing the motion on the charity 'Gay Men Fighting Aids' the branch also decided that a donation will be made to the group and further ways of supporting GMFA - such as affiliation - be investigated.

You can read more LGBT news here

Thatcher's Legacy of homophobia

RMT Seeks Members View On jubilee Dispute Offer

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd outlining its proposed settlement of this dispute, and instruct the General Secretary to obtain and place in front of us a report as to whether this represents a satisfactory outcome for our members.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised. Jubilee South branch to be advised by personal letter.

Jubilee Line Strike Suspended Following Progress At ACAS Talks

We note the report from our lead officer, and welcome the progress made at ACAS talks.

Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary to suspend our strike action beginning at 00:01 on Tuesday 2 April.

A report is to be placed in front of us as to whether the dispute is fully resolved within time to allow strike action to be called should it not be resolved.