Tips for Reps and Activists

A series of notes for RMT reps and activists designed to help us all be more effective in our roles.

Effective Picketing

Attached is an updated useful guide for picketing - please download and share


  • Choose in advance the best place(s) to picket. This should be where you will get best access to people arriving for work so you can persuade them not to go in. Try to cover all entrances.
  • In addition, you may choose to picket a location such as a busy station, where you can leaflet and speak to the public too.
  • Get members to volunteer to picket and to commit to a particular time slot.

Preparing for Industrial Action


We will be better prepared for any dispute if the workforce is already well-informed about the issue(s).

  • Keep noticecases up-to-date.
  • Give leaflets and newsletters to your workmates. Download material from
  • Speak to people at work.
  • Make sure that they feel comfortable to ask questions and give their views.
  • Take concerns seriously; provide answers, even if means going away and finding out.
  • If you can, produce a leaflet or newsletter for staff in your workplace.

Using RSS

RSSI use RSS or 'Really Simple Syndication' to keep an eye on certain areas of this site - be it news about London Underground disputes, or blog entries from my rep. However, many people don't know what it is or how to use it - so I thought it may be of interest or use to some of you for me to have a go at explaining it here.