Transformation Drop In Sessions


Last week the LU Transformation reps from all four trade unions hosted a number of drop-in sessions with staff in scope from across all work streams. These sessions were booked at short notice, yet were very well attended. The company committed to releasing all staff to attend, so if you had any issue with this, please let your rep know and we'll insist that you are released for future sessions. On behalf of all of the reps, thank you for attending and the valuable feedback we received from you, which we can use to shape the upcoming consultation meetings with the company.

Many people were worried that we would only have the minimum of 90 days to consult with the company. Please remember that 90 days is a minimum and that the consultation must be meaningful. We will not allow the company to rush through changes that have not been fully consulted and as such, we expect the consultation period to be significantly longer than 90 days.

A big concern for many people across all the work streams was the lack of Job descriptions for the proposed new roles. We agree that the company seem to be doing things back to front by deciding what people will be doing in the new model and how many people will be required, yet they don’t actually have a description of the new roles. This is a deliberate tactic being used by the company and they would like to move to a model where all Job Descriptions are generic.

It would be very helpful if you could share your current Job Descriptions with your reps.

We also received lots of questions around pooling and recruitment. We have had reports from people that their local managers have told them that it has already been decided who will be keeping their positions and who won’t. This is not the case at all. All of these things are subject to consultation and we have not started discussions yet. As soon as we do, we will keep you updated. Also, one local manager had told their staff that they would not be able to book any annual leave for 2018 due to Transformation. This is not correct and that issue has been resolved, however if that is happening in your local area, let your rep know.

By now, everyone in scope should have received a letter and know which work stream they are in. We had reports from some members that they hadn’t received a letter, but have been told that they are in scope. If you are unsure of your status, please contact your manager and rep.

There was some discussion during the drop-ins about Industrial Action. Please speak to your rep about this or attend your Branch meeting, where this can be discussed further.

We also discussed coming up with counter proposals to the Business Cases. We have requested full details from the company about the options that they have already explored and ruled out when deciding on the new proposed new model.

We will hopefully be able to arrange more drop-in sessions in the near future and we hope to have more time for each work stream. Unfortunately, we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked to see everyone. Management are continuing to see staff every week, but these meetings and conference calls are arranged when your reps are in consultation meetings, so it is impossible for us to attend. We are putting all of our efforts into getting the best outcome possible for our members. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your rep or attend your Branch meeting