Solidarity message to junior doctors from RMT London Transport Regional Council

The RMT London Transport Regional Council sends its full solidarity and support to junior doctors, student nurses, Aramark cleaners, and all NHS workers in struggle. 

Their fights for contracts that respect work/life balance; for fair bursaries; and for living wages are emblematic of the struggles faced by many working-class people across Britain. In particular, our own recent struggles on London Underground over work/life balance, and the historic and ongoing struggles of our cleaner members for living wages, have many parallels with the junior doctors' and Aramark workers' disputes. 

These struggles are also part of a wider fight for the future of the National Health Service, one of the greatest achievements of the labour movement in this country. We pledge our full support to the ongoing battle to reverse NHS cuts and privatisation, and rebuild a socialised, democratically-run healthcare system in this country. The profit motive must be pushed out of the NHS, and the principle that human need comes first must be reasserted. 

We encourage all RMT members and other trade unionists to support NHS workers' struggles in every way possible.