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Night tube deferred - doesn't mean our pay rise should be!

LU have suggested that they will not impose NT,but seek to come to an agreement with the RMT and other TUs.
This is obviously more preferable than having NT imposed and It comes with some obvious questions - not least being where's our pay increase?

We are patiently waiting for LUL to make us a decent offer.
But our patience is limited.
Just because LU messed up the introduction of their vanity project NT by not involving the RMT at the outset, it doesn't follow that we should have to pay for that incompetence by not getting a fair and just pay rise.

No night tube doesn't mean no pay rise - pay up LU!


Night Tube will be delivered by drivers who volunteer for working additional weekend Night Tube duties.
But until we get to that point, drivers will be forced to work more nights, more weekends - at a stroke killing their work-life balance.
Going forward, it seems LUL would use and abuse newer drivers in the pool to cover NT duties where necessary and cover those who have volunteered to do NT.
The RMT want to get an agreement that offers a fair and equal settlement for all drivers.
New and old.
We are nowhere near that yet.
Keep up to date at :

Fit for the future Stations

We have got some concessions, such as salary guarantee, maximum 30 min from current location, mapped into roles, restricted staff not being kicked out of work ect. These were won as result of strikes.
Additionally we have also gained advances on improved rosters enabling better work life balance, cover only on adjacent group, principal of Higher Grade Working being same as today's framework and all Fixed Term Contract staff being given permanent employment status. We have also removed the threat of LUL imposing a framework as opposed to negotiating a new one.
There are still areas we have concerns with, not least CSMs handing down disciplinary sanctions and writing CDI briefs.
Talks continue at ACAS

Service Control
LUL are taking a very dangerous line with their unwillingness to to offer our members in Service Control a decent settlement.
Our members deserve much more respect from LUL in the way these negotiations have dealt with Service Control.
It's agreed on other grades that NT will have a massive impact and will be covered on a voluntary basis.
With additional incentives for those willing to do NT We are an all grades Union, if the deal isn't right for all we won't be resolving this dispute and we are more likely to take industrial action should LUL fail to come up with a reasonable offer.

Glen Hart.

The over time ban meant Glen had no relief so closed the station.
LUL, in a fit of pique, decided this was against some made up rules and sent Glen to a CDI on a trumped up charge of failing to keep a station open whilst on a meal break and not being paid.
The CDI found Glen to have no case to answer.

Now LUL want to come back for a second bite at the cherry.
They are preparing CDI papers against Glen for another trumped up charge.
The RMT already have a mandate for a ballot if this victimisation based on Trade Union activities continue.
We feel we are now at that point.

Support our reps.
Vote yes for strike action to defend Glen Hart.

A injury to one is an injury to all.

Cleaners Grades

Cleaners have elected a new grades secretary, Richard Crane, and they have a grades meeting every 1st Monday of the month at Unity House at 1600.
The next meeting is on October 5
Please make every effort to attend and support our members.

Currently cleaners are facing many attacks on their grade such as;

Continual short payments
Not fit for purpose protective safety clothing Toxic cleansing agents causing injury to members No discussions on how Night Tube will affect cleaning grades For more info see : wwwrmtlondoncalling.org.uk

Paul Okora - Not talking on the telephone

Sacked for not answering a mobile phone whilst driving.
Sacked for answering a mobile phone in the passenger salon whilst another driver was in charge of the train.
Certainly a draconian sanction for what amounts to a minor indiscretion.
No safety rules were violated and no passengers were put at risk.
Drivers on the Piccadilly line are going to be balloted for action.
For more info on this dispute please see :


Labour Party Leaders election

The LTRC congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on his election as the new leader of the Labour Party. The decision to make John McDonnell the Shadow Chancellor is just as welcome. Both these MPs have for years been great friends of the RMT and have fought to take our issues into the house on our behalf, both for individual members and for issues of importance to the RMT as a whole.
It's a step in the right direction for sure.
Socialism at the heart of the Labour Party?
Who would have thought that 3 months ago?