RMT cleaners say no to fingerprinting !

RMT cleaners on ISS refuse to book on using biometric machines.
Please download and print the attached newsletter and proforma to support our cleaners
Station staff: support the cleaners’ action!
RMT has been involved in a long-running dispute over the use of fingerprinting for booking on which the union believes is a fundamental attack on civil liberties and designed to completely dehumanise the
workplace while threatening jobs through automation in the drive for increased profits.
Members at ISS were balloted for action on this issue and voted overwhelmingly YES. As a result staff have been instructed to take action short of a strike by refusing to use the fingerprinting machines and instead to use the established method for booking on.

ISS cleaners in RMT are taking part in official industrial action by refusing to book on via biometric machines.
RMT cleaners are instead instructed to book on using the ‘autophone’ and to sign in with the station supervisor as normal.

On Monday 16th June, the day the biometric machines were switched on,
ISS tried intimidation tactics, such as threatening to send home and not pay cleaners who refused to touch the machines. But RMT members followed union instructions to remain at the workplace.
As a result of their firm stance, ISS has now confirmed that every cleaner who attended work on Monday and Tuesday will be paid. ISS has also agreed to allow cleaners to book on using the autophone until Monday 23rd June.
It has agreed to meet with the RMT at ACAS over this issue.
From 23rd June, ISS has said cleaners will have to book on using the biometric booking on machines. We need to keep giving support to cleaners, encouraging them to refuse biometric booking on.