Message of Solidarity to our Cleaners grade

The RMT London Transport Regional Council sends solidarity to its Cleaner members who are in dispute with ISS in regards to biometric finger printing.

We remain in dispute with ISS over the planned introduction of Biometric Fingerprinting Machines for booking on for duty. We are totally opposed to this technology which we believe is a breach of civil liberties and a threat to your jobs. Members on the LUL contract voted ‘Yes’ in a ballot for industrial action and were instructed by the union not to use the new technology until further notice and to use the established booking on method. This action is still in place.

We remind Station Supervisors that the current arrangements for contractors working on your station remains in place. LUL have not asked nor instructed the RMT that the booking on of cleaners has changed.
We ask our Station Supervisors to continue with the agreed method.

For further information please contact your local rep or the LTRC secretary

In Solidarity

Eamonn Lynch
London Transport Regional Council Secretary