Latest edition of RMT London Calling - July 2015

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Solidarity wins the day - strike rock solid!
No trains run across entire network. Track & signals,Fleet, stations & service control absolutely solid.

20,000 workers from across 4 unions across all grades across the whole combine took action against the imposition of unfair, unwanted rosters.
Rosters from hell.
This strike is not about money. It never has been.
The employer has sought to impose rosters that would absolutely destroy work life balance for ALL of their staff.
We are not against night tube.
What we are against is the ripping up of long standing frameworks and agreements that protect the staff from excessive hours, unfair and damaging rosters, being used as a martini work force, made to work at any location with no mutual agreement and at short notice.

The absolute rock solid strike on July 8/9 has sent a clear message to London Underground.
We are prepared to negotiate with you, we always have been.
However, we are also prepared to take more strike action to defend our terms and conditions.
We will never accept anything that you impose.
Negotiate. Don't dictate.


As part of our continuing dispute we have instructed our members not to work over time until further notice.
This is part of our action short of strike.
We voted overwhelmingly for action short of, over 9-1 in favour.
The fact LUL have deliberately run down staff numbers and not covered vacancies have meant stations in particular are being run almost exclusively on over time.
Engineering and Fleet having a OT ban will impact massively on their functions.
T/Ops do not do over time.
Support the overtime ban
Solidarity wins.

Congratulations to all branches across the whole of the combine.
You did your union proud.

Here are a few of the many pics posted from the strike

These are a mere snapshot of the fantastic effort to get members onto picket lines.

For more pics and to keep up to date with the dispute see our website:

We are available for talks anytime and always have been.
We expect to resume talks at ACAS and will keep members updated via email/text and online at:

It is said that in a war, the first casualty is often the truth.
Disappointingly we didn't have to wait long.

Did he really say that?

This is a full and final offer and if not accepted will be wirhdrawn at 1830 today.
S. Griffiths LUL CEO 6/7/15

The offer is on the table and it has never been suggested it would be withdrawn
S.Griffiths LUL CEO 7/7/15 (am)

The above 2 statements were signed off by me and I can clarify they are both true.
S. Griffiths LUL CEO 7/7/15 (pm)