Key Points From London Underground Cuts Plan Document

London Underground have circulated a document amongst staff telling them the cuts and changes to jobs that they want to make. These extracts are taken from the document which you can download below.

Bits in italics have been rewritten:

The Proposals
Government has told us that we need to make a bigger contribution to the investment needed to continue to improve our network,

we’re proposing to make some fundamental changes in line with our vision for the Tube.

Any operational changes will be done without compulsory redundancies where we can collaborate to make change happen may be able to make an enquiry regarding voluntary severance

DSM Job ceases to exist
Station Supervisor job ceases to exist
Station Control Room Assistant ceases to exist
Station Assistant Multi-Functinal ceases to exist

CSA continues but in what form?

The rolls that cease to exist will become ‘area managers’, ‘customer service management’ and ‘Frontline Customer Service staff.’

Area managers include GSM, DSM and SS1
customer service management include SS2, SS3, SSMF and service control room assistants.
Frontline Customer Service staff include Station Assistant Multi-Functional and
Customer Service Assistant.

Stations split up in Gateway, Destination, Local and Metro.

Gateway will be Euston, Heathrow 123, Kings Cross St Pancras, Liverpool Street, Paddington and Victoria with. Metro will be busy stations such Waterloo. Metro stations will be in inner London with ‘dedicated customer service staff’ and finally local stations in the suburbs of London will have ‘staff stationed in the ticket hall.’ Pay rates are unknown and it is not clear that station staff will continue to be paid the same rate across London.

Time lines

Winter 2013
Proposed date for DSMs, Supervisors, SCRAs and SAMFs to apply for VS (until 21st Jan)
• Proposed date for Status letters posted to affected staff informing them of potential changes to their role
• Proposed date VS applications period to close
• Proposed date for decisions to reached on all VS applications

Spring 2014
• Proposed date for Selection of DSMs for AMS roles; complete – All AMS roles filled
• Proposed date for Development & Selection for Supervisors to commence (for CSM roles) Proposed date for all CSM roles filled (from Supervisor, SAMF & SCRA population)
• Proposed date for CSA roles to be filled

Late 2014:
• Proposed date for when we will begin to implement the new Stations Operating

Union response

The RMT will begin balloting for industrial action shortly. You can read the EC decision to call a strike ballot here.