Jubilee South branch motion calls out BTP actions against victim of assault

Jubilee South branch has unanimously passed a motion to highlight the shocking action  of the BTP in arresting a tube worker who was assaulted  and racially abused by a member of the public.

The company rightly recognised that no wrong doing had been done by the member of staff which is unusual as we know from experience that LU bosses do have a long history of disciplining victims of assault, including another case which is currently ongoing. This makes it all the more perplexing why the BTP would try to pursue a case.

The BTP behaviour lenghtened an already distressing  period for the member who ended up in court and was called to the stand only to find out, at the end of a long day, that the CPS had no evidence to present against them. Furthermore witnesses for the prosecution were actually recognised to be witnesses for the defense during the course of the trial!

The branch motion, which will be sent to the Regional Council to discuss states:

This Branch is gravely concerned at the behaviour of the BTP in respect to one of our CSA members who was physically assaulted, racially abused, threatened and his family members were insulted in an incident that took place at Westminster station in June 2018.

The assailant was rightly arrested and charged with assault by the BTP on the day.
CCTV and witness statements from the CSS and CSA on duty corroborate the version by the CSA who was assaulted.

However the BTP then decided to give a caution to the person who assaulted a LUL member of staff and instead pursued a vexatious and malicious prosecution of our member.

Our member was the victim.
Witness evidence and CCTV absolutely proved his version of events. The BTP officers involved must answer their rationale in pursuing a criminal prosecution against a CSA who was assaulted on duty.

The counter allegation laid by the assailant was dubious and had no basis in fact.
Our CSA was alleged to have called her a “cheap bitch” Exactly the same phrase the assailant admitted calling our members wife.

We ask the NEC to instruct the GS to lay a formal complaint against the BTP on behalf of our member.
We also instruct the GS to to ensure LUL comply with their commitment to prosecute anyone who assaults their staff, with private prosecution if necessary.

We also ask the GS to look into the legality of whether our member was wrongfully arrested, charged and bought before a magistrates court for the crime of being assaulted at work.