Five Rounders? You're Having a Laugh!

By a majority of 3 to 1 on a high turnout, RMT drivers on the Victoria line have voted for strike action and action short of a strike against local management’s attempt to impose 5-rounder duties on the line. The unions had an agreement with the company that there would be no more than four rounders in any duty because of the hot and noisy conditions on the line and the detrimental effect on morale that these turns have on a line with no daylight. It was accepted by all that the air cooling system fitted to Vic line trains is hopelessly inadequate, hence the agreement that all duties would have no more than four rounders and for this to stay in place at least until the new stock is fully in service.

5-rounder turns imposed Despite this local agreement, management is now trying to impose 5-rounder turns on the line. But our members will not stand idly by while the company tears up yet another agreement, hence the strong vote for industrial action which prompted a directors meeting and the setting up of a Joint Working Party (JWP).

Fightback At a recent meeting of the branch, the following motion was passed to go to head office: 1. Work to rule by refusing to do the fifth rounder of any 5-rounder turn from 29th September; 2. Strike for 24 hours on 6th October if management fail to honour the original agreement.

ASLEF do a deal without assurances So what about ASLEF, the “train driver’s union”? After initially threatening to ballot members they have signed up to proposals in the JWP that offer no guarantees in the short term and have heard management say that there is no intention to improve the situation by the next timetable change in January (i.e. management could roster more 5 rounder turns).

For this reason your union remains in dispute with the company and once again we will be calling for unity among drivers on the Victoria Line to improve and defend your conditions against a management that treat their staff with casual disdain and contempt.

From September issue of Finsbury Park Monthly News