Two branches pass motion on anti-union laws

A motion regarding Anti-union laws has passed unanimously at Finsbury Park and East Ham branches and will be submitted to the regional council.

The motion states:

This union notes:

1. RMT's longstanding demand for the repeal of all anti-trade union laws

2. that this was reaffirmed at this year's AGM, along with support for the Free Our Unions campaign

3. that anti-union laws introduced by the Thatcher government in the 1980s introduced compulsory postal-only ballots for industrial action, restricted picketing, barred solidarity and 'political' strikes, and shackled trade unions in many other ways

4. the article in the Morning Star on 26 July which argues that it is not necessary to repeal all the Thatcher government's anti-union laws and that the legal right to collective bargaining is more important.

This union believes that:

1. while the legal right to collective bargaining is important, its effectiveness in winning for workers is severely limited without the unshackled right of trade unions to take action

2. it is as important as ever to continue to demand the repeal of all anti-union laws

3. it would be a significant mistake for the trade union movement to retreat from this demand

This union resolves to:

1. make clear our demand for the repeal of all anti-trade union legislation

2. oppose any retreat from this position within our movement

3. organise campaigning action alongside the Free Our Unions campaign

4. organise a training event on the anti-union laws, including education about their history and arguments for their repeal.