DLR Control Room Staff to Strike

RMT Head Office Circular No. IR/18/09 - 29th January 2009 IMPOSITION OF ROSTERS – CONTROL ROOM, SERCO DOCKLANDS

Docklands Control Centre members recently returned a massive mandate in support of both strike action and short of strike action.

Management were informed of the ballot result which shows the strength of feeling RMT members have over the imposition of the new rosters and shows members are prepared to back strike action or short of strike action against the imposition of the new rosters.

Action was planned to start on the 5th January 2009, but after a meeting with Docklands Management and RMT progress seemed to be made. So in good faith, RMT put a hold on the industrial action. In return agreement was reached for an extension to our ballots validity

Regretfully, since then there were further meetings, but no real progress. Indeed, management remain intransigent over this matter. As a consequence of this, and following full consultation with our negotiators, a decision has been made to take strike action.

• Serco Docklands members were instructed to withdraw labour between 13.05 hours on Monday 2nd February 2009 until 13.04 hours on Tuesday 3rd February 2009.

I am confident that with the members backing management will see the error of their ways and enter further discussions with more open minds, but due to the outcome of previous talks members were informed that further action may need to be taken

Yours sincerely