Disabled Members' Advisory Committee draft plan

This is the draft plan of activities for RMT's Disabled Members' Advisory Committee for 2019. The Committee will discuss it further at its meeting in January.


‘Know Your Rights’ Campaign

We would like to run a campaign to advise disabled transport workers of their rights. This will encourage recruitment and active involvement in the union, and would include:

  • a credit-card-sized ‘know your rights’ card, and a poster drawing attention to the card (already designed by LT region reps)
  • each region running a week of workplace visits with this material, talking with members and non-members
  • social media activity

We ask the union to fund the production of the cards and posters.


Supporting campaigns and strikes on issues relevant to disabled people

We would like to:

  • run the @DP4guards Twitter account
  • hold a ‘Disabled People for Guards’ protest on an appropriate date
  • hold a ‘Disabled People say Keep London Overground ticket offices open’ protest on an appropriate date
  • hold similar protests on similar issues that might arise during the year
  • host a fringe meeting on the fight for accessible transport at TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference
  • run a stall at TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference (perhaps jointly with DPAC?)
  • invite disabled members to suggest designs for ‘Disabled People for Guards’, ‘Disabled People say Keep London Overground ticket offices open’, ‘Disabled People say Staff Our Stations’ logos

We ask the union to fund:

  • T-shirts, placards, flags and stickers with these logos
  • the TUC DWC fringe meeting and stall


Explaining Disability to Members

Each month, we will write an article for RMT News profiling a disabled member (over the year, covering a range of impairments/conditions, jobs and locations). Using a ‘social model’ approach, these articles will focus on the barriers presented by the workplace and wider society to the member and how the union has helped to challenge them.


Disabled Transport Workers' Charter

We would like to develop a charter of demands to improve the working liv es of disabled transport workers, and once agreed, to campaign for it throughout the transport industries.

We ask the union to fund the production of the Charter.


Promoting Training

We would like to receive training ourselves, and to help the union to extend its training on disability-related issues more widely to reps and members, including courses run in regions, and disability-related ‘bitesize’ courses.


Building DMAC and Involving Branches and Regions

We would like DMAC members to visit branches and regional councils to speak about issues facing members and the role of DMAC, encouraging branches to get involved in our activities and to nominate disabled members for any remaining vacancies on the Committee.

We would like the union to fund any expenses incurred that branches and regional councils are unable to meet.


Mental Health

It is now over a year since the Committee agreed a detailed set of proposals to work on the issue of mental health. We would now like to carry these out.


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) funding cuts

We would like to:

  • write an article for RMT News
  • at an appropriate time, contact all members asking them to contact their MP about this issue
  • take part in demonstrations against the cuts


We would like to review this plan at each meeting, and add to it should issues arise during the year.


Note: These proposals for the committee’s activities are in addition to existing decisions arising from previous resolutions.