Defend Our Rep Ian Stewart

Download attached pdf. print and display at your work place

Why is London Underground sponsoring a complaint made by the owner of this offensive avatar that adorns the twitter account of the ludicrously named "busting4aslash"? Mr. Slash is a troll. Mr. Slash has
an offensive avatar, that depicts what would be, if done in real life, a criminal offence, for sure.
Mr. Slash, or David, when he's not hiding behind silly names, is the epitome of a troll. The dictionary defines a troll as 'a person who sows discord on the internet by starting arguments or upsetting
people by posting inflammatory, extraneous messages, with the deliberate intent of disrupting normal on-topic discussion".

However, Mr. Slash got upset when Ian called him a troll. Mr. busting4aslash thinks it's funny to troll around stations, taking photos of LU staff, without their knowledge or their permission, who might be taking a break, or on meal relief, and repeatedly posting and then re-posting, their photo, on twitter with inflammatory remarks, calling for the staff to be sacked.
At the risk of stating the obvious, that's self-evidently harassment. Mr. busting4aslash likes to hunt out what he thinks are twitter accounts linked to Tube workers, RMT members,TfL staff and troll their accounts. Each time he posts his rubbish he links it to union accounts,private a cco u n ts a n d suchlike, with the aim of picking a fight.

So why is Ian Stewart in trouble? Ian got fed up with being trolled. He got fed up with seeing LU staff
slagged off, their photos put on the net, the simple points the unions were
making about the Every Job Matters campaign rubbished, and he told Mr. David busting4aslash
that his avatar looks like a 'nonce looking over the toilet door'.

Seems fair to us, but the twitter spat degenerated at this point and descended into name-calling.
But this is where the combative Mr. BustingOutInTears got all upset.
Or at least he said he was upset. We suspect he actually likes this sort of stuff. He suddenly told Ian that he was going to tell 'Tracy, in the TfL press office' all about him. And so he did, which sort of indicates that the owner of this delightful avatar is a professional complainer.
Sadly, instead of LU telling Mr. busting4aslash to get a life, and not be so offensive, LU has sponsored his complaint.