80% Yes Vote For Thales Strike


Further to my previous Circular (IR/70/15, 12th March 2015), the ballot has concluded and the result is as follows:-

Are you prepared to take strike action?
Total Votes Cast 50
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 40
Number Voting ‘No’ 10
Spoilt Papers 0

Are you prepared to take industrial action short of a strike?
Total Votes Cast 50
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 40

Thales Strike Ballot - Vote Yes

Further to my previous Circular (IR/061/15, 2nd March 2015), the Company has been informed that a dispute situation now exists over the proposed changes to the Services organisation as part of the GTS Optimisation Programme. The proposals include compulsory redundancies and those members left at the Company will be facing worse rosters, shift patterns and terms and conditions. RMT put forward strong counter-proposals during discussions but it is clear that the Company has no intention of changing their plans.

Thales Waterloo & palestra Members To Be Balloted Over New Rosters

A resolution has been received from our London Underground Engineering Branch concerning the above matter, which is as follows:-

“We note that Thales GTS are intent on forcing worse rosters, worse terms and conditions, less staff and more managers and compulsory redundancy on our members. Their senior management have made it clear that they have no intention of changing their organisational plans despite them having no logic and the strong counter proposals placed forward by the RMT.

We therefore ask the GGC to ballot all members at Waterloo and Palestra for both strike action and action short of strike.”

Thales Transport And Security Section Of The Railways Pension Scheme

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

I refer to my previous Circular NP/205/13, 5th August 2013, please be advised that Thales managements proposal to increase member contributions midway through a triennial valuation has been rejected by the Railways Pension Scheme Trustee Board.

This is clearly good news for all members of the Thales Pension Scheme who were affectively facing a pay cut had managements shameful proposal been accepted by the trustees. In consideration your General Grades Committee made the following decision on 10th October 2013:

Testing Of Driverless Trains

We note the report from our LT Regional Council train grades committee. We welcome the committee’s organising efforts, and instruct the General Secretary to offer assistance and resources.

We note the comments concerning which grades may be used to test driverless trains. We instruct the General Secretary to obtain a further, detailed report on this, and to ensure that membership data for all LUL train grades is accurate and up-to-date should we need to hold a ballot for industrial action.

RMT Secures £680 Olympics Payment, Pay Increases And Harmonisation Upgrades For Rail Signalling Contractors

PLANNED INDUSTRIAL action at signalling technology contractor Thales has been halted as a result of a massive breakthrough on pay, harmonisation and Olympics payments secured by RMT negotiators on the back of a 95% vote for action amongst the members.

Following the overwhelming mandate for strike action RMT has now secured agreements covering harmonisation, pay, shift allowances and Olympics payments of up to £680.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

RMT Recognition – Thales Rail Signalling Solutions – TFL & London Underground Contract

We note our Regional Organiser’s report recommending acceptance of this recognition
agreement, and accordingly instruct the General Secretary to ensure that this agreement is
signed and put into practice.

London Transport Regional Council and LU Engineering branch to be advised.

RMT Members Proposed industrial Action Secures Acceptable Olympic Payment At Thales

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and that significant progress has been made in talks, leading to a new offer being tabled by the employer, including:

  • payments to employees to compensate for the change in annual leave allocation from a number of days to an equivalent number of hours
  • improved shift allowances
  • an Olympics payment of £20 per day, maximum £680
  • 1% pay rise

As Thales Make No Further Olympic Offer, RMT Reiterates Plan To Strike

That we note the correspondence from our Regional Organiser on file and the letter from Thales dated the 13th July 2012 and that this matter remains unresolved.

Therefore we reiterate our previous decision to call industrial action as stated in our decision GWW 11th July 2012.

Further should Thales mount a legal challenge, the General Secretary is instructed to provide all necessary assistance to defend the decision of our members to take industrial action.

Branches and Regional Councils to be advised.