EJM campaign materials

Advice to passengers using the future London Underground;

Please ensure that you are thoroughly familiar with London Underground’s 11 lines and 270 stations before travelling.
Please ensure that you have a smartcard and a bank card, and that both are loaded with plenty of money and topped up regularly.
Please ensure that the ticket machines are always working,and that the gates always deduct the correct amount from your card.
Please ensure that there are no delays to your journey, or any accidents, emergencies, incidents or
Please do not be alarmed if there are no staff on the station and no-one driving your train.
Please do not be disabled. Or poor. Or new to London.
Please avoid being too young or too old.
Please do not be harassed or assaulted while travelling.
Please do not lose your property or your children.
Please do not require assistance.
Please understand that if you do not follow this advice, we may be unable to help you.


Alternatively, join the campaign to save London Underground’s ticket offices, station staffing and jobs.