Nearly 100% Support For ISS Cleaners Industrial Action

That we note the result of the ballot for action short of strikes is as follows:-

Total Votes Cast 103
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 101 (98%)
Number Voting ‘No’ 2
Spoilt Papers 0

We congratulate our members on their determination to resist this draconian attack on civil liberties. We instruct our members to take industrial action short of strikes from 00:01 on Thursday 19 September 2013 until further notice, by booking on and off duty using the established method and not using the biometric machines.

We instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. send a personal letter to all members on this contract explaining this industrial action and the protection it offers them.
  2. enclose with this letter a membership form and encourage members to recruit a workmate
  3. monitor the company’s attempts to impose biometric booking on and place any developments in front of us.
  4. produce and circulate a leaflet for LU ISS cleaners, using the ‘branding’ of the THUMBS DOWN TO FINGERPRINTING campaign
  5. produce and circulate a similar leaflet for London Underground and Tube Lines members, explaining that the introduction of automated booking on methods undermines the jobs of those staff who cleaners currently book on with, and that therefore they should support our cleaners’ fight against biometric booking on.

London Transport Regional Council, its cleaning grades committee, branches and ISS cleaners’ representatives to be advised.