Night Tube

News and updates on LU's plan to scrap the Night Tube grade.


Four Tube Ballots Start Today

Ballot opens in disputes over tube night running, pay, staffing and use of agency staff
Balloting will begin amongst RMT members today in a series of disputes on London Underground, including the dispute over pay and night running, as the union warned that working conditions, pay, jobs and safety are facing an almost unprecedented assault which has united all four tube unions in a campaign of resistance.

Ballot papers will be distributed today, with voting closing on the 30th June, in separate industrial action votes over the following:

Pay & Night Tube Dispute: Make Your Vote Count This Week

On June 11th LUL stated that they want a wage settlement, including Night Tube, which is “affordable, fair and sustainable.” This is a change from early April when they said they wanted a settlement which was “affordable, sustainable and fair.” So in all this time the only real change to the offer from LUL has been in the order of the words.

Ballot Papers Go Out For Night Tube & Pay Strike

  • Ballot papers for Pay & Night Tube industrial action will be sent out to you all on Tuesday 16th June and the closing date for this ballot will be Tuesday 30th June 2015.
  • All LUL unions are in dispute.
  • A huge ‘YES’ vote from you and your colleagues in favour of taking industrial action is crucial to make sure the Company continues discussions with RMT and meets our demands for a fair deal.

Upfront Ballot Special: Tube Bosses Declare War On Drivers

  • LUL Declare Ware On Drivers
  • Unions Unite
  • Ir's a Nightmare on Night Tube

LUL's plans for new rosters to facilitate night tube rip up our hard earned agreements in a serial killing of our work life balance that Freddy Kruger would be proud of. These proposed rosters really are the stuff of nightmares…and the ones that LUL have shared so far are the “good ones”.

Pay & Night Tube Dispute: Acas Update

LUL Pay and Night Tube Negotiaions ACAS update from Regional Organiser John Leach

Dear RMT Members

Today myself and senior RMT reps from all LUL grades attended exploratory talks at ACAS to discuss the above matter. All the unions made the same point that LUL must abandon its reckless decision to break our current arrangements , and that the management must agree to negotiate changes.

Tube Workers To Be Balloted For Strike Over Pay & Night Tube


Further to my previous Circular (IR/124/15, 14th May 2015), members will be aware that the pay offer received from London Underground consists of a 0.75% increase effective 1st April 2015, and an RPI increase in 2016. Also included, in return for the future operation of Night Tube, is a non-consolidated lump sum payment for all COO and CPD Operational to be paid at two stages of £250, making £500 in total. Train Drivers and Track and Signals staff only would be offered a further £250 for Night Tube running.

London Transport Region Executive Member Report May 2015


We met with Aslef, Tssa and Unite and have embarked on a joint ballot for strike action over the derisory pay offer and the imposition of Night Tube.

We note the correspondence on file from our Lead Officer and the resolution from Finsbury Park Branch. We instruct the General Secretary to re-ballot all of our Station Staff members on London Underground on the unresolved dispute over Every Job Matters. Which despite huge opposition from staff and public has seen the destruction of ticket offices which we implacably oppose.

Biggest Tube Union RMT Preparing For Strike Ballot On Pay & Night Tube


The RMT has declared a dispute with LUL over wages and all-night running and is preparing to ballot for strike action.

An outrageous attempt to drive a coach and horses through existing procedures has been attempted by LUL managers who wish to impose new rosters on staff in the run up to the introduction of night tube operation on 12th September 2015. The rosters would pin staff into a regime of anti-social hours and appalling working conditions.