London Taxi Drivers

The  branch for the increasing number of London taxi workers who are joining RMT. You can read the branch's blog here, and the RMT Heathrow Taxis blog here.

No to 19

John Kennedy, Vice chair London taxi branch, writes ...

Clause 19 of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) bill seeks to introduce a “voluntary registration” for pedicabs that will allow councils and transport for London to issue fixed penalty notices for parking and moving traffic offences. The scheme is voluntary and therefore no owner or rider is compelled to register and therefore there is no sanction for those who chose not to operate under the scheme. The Head of Transportation at Westminster city council intends to give up to 30 ranks/bays for pedicabs to park/operate from and this will lead to reasonable members of the public believing that these dangerous objects are in fact regulated by councils or TfL in London.

Picket: No to 19!

RMT's London taxi branch is holding a picket on Parliament Square, Windsor House (TfL HQ) and Westminster city council offices regarding the “London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) bill” ... ”No to 19” clause 19 of the bill.

This article explains cabbies' objections to this legislation.

BAA Delay Heathrow Mini Cab Plans But Fight Still On

Taxi union RMT have sent out a warning to BAA that they will not fall for stalling tactics after the company announced late on Friday that they are delaying their plans to undermine the black cab trade at Heathrow by allowing minicab company’s Addison Lee and One Transport to operate what is effectively a rank system at the airport.

RMT held a mass consultation with cab drivers at the feeder car park at Heathrow last week at which Bob Crow, RMT general secretary, pledged an all-out fight with BAA over their plans to deregulate taxi services on the airport.

RMT black cab drivers to fight Heathrow minicab plans

Black cab driver members of specialist transport union RMT confirmed today that they will be fighting plans by BAA which would open the door to direct booking of minicabs at Heathrow in a move that has been described as “disastrous” for the licensed taxi trade.

BAA is looking at trialing a deal with Addison Lee and One Transport at terminals 3 and 5 this year which would allow them to operate from reserved bays and from a central booking booth in the car park in direct challenge to the traditional black cab rank.