national advisory committee

Elected Young Members 2013

please see attached poster related to your 2013 elected young member representatives from the London transport region for your information and distribution.

Young members (members under 30 years old) visited their local branch and were voted for their names to be put forward.

Each region has their own young member representatives and together they make up the young members national advisory committee, who meet officially 3 times a year as well as organise a number of interesting activities throughout the year.

National Young Member Advisory Committee Nominations Open

Nominations are open for the national young member’s Advisory committee, London transport region are entitled to 5 young members’ representatives on this hugely influential body. The committee meets 3 times a year and all we ask is that you enthusiastically represent the views and opinions of young members in your region as well as care about young members’ issues. Previous agenda items include: setting up a young members website; YouTube channel; organising trips to Scotland; creating a young members newsletter, promoting education courses and social events.

Our Ref: Ed/026/13