General Secretary Election 2014

London Transport Region Update For April 2014

  1. General Secretary election
    Following the tragic death of Bob Crow, RMT has announced the timetable for the election of a new General Secretary. Following some months during which union branches will nominate candidates, members will vote by postal ballot between 21 July and 22 September 2014.

    More information here:

RMT General Secretary Election Timetable

Dear Colleague,

Term of office: 5 years

Please be advised that nominations will shortly be invited for the position of General Secretary. The circular inviting nominations and the nomination form will be enclosed within an ORANGE FREEPOST ENVELOPE in next week’s Branch mail. The ORANGE envelope should be used to return the completed nomination paper.

A timetable is listed below for your reference:

Open nominations Thursday 10th April 2014

RMT Begins Process To Elect General Secretary

Dear colleagues



Consequent upon the sad and untimely death of General Secretary, Bob Crow, it was necessary for the Council of Executives to appoint an Acting General Secretary.

Following a meeting of the Full Council of Executives on 27th March 2014, the following decision was reached:

“That arising from the unfortunate death of Bro. R. Crow our General Secretary, this Council of Executives appoints Bro. M. Cash as Acting General Secretary until the appointment of a new General Secretary.