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Carlisle Security Agree To Lengthen Strike Mandate As Discussion Continues

We note the report from our lead officer. The employer has indicated that it will agree to extend the deadline for calling industrial action by seven days, but has not yet sent the correct wording for this.

Should the correct wording be received from the employer, we instruct the General Secretary to place this item back in front of us within seven days, with a report of the meeting with the employer due to take place this Thursday, 15 November.

Should the correct wording not be received from the employer by Wednesday 14 November, we call industrial action as follows:

Strike Suspended As Carlisle Agrees To Extend DLR Strike Mandate By Seven Days As Talks Continue

From General Secretary Bob Crow
Branches will be aware that we have been in dispute with Carlisle in our campaign to seek drastic improvements to pay and conditions of our Security and Cleaning staff working on the DLR contract. This matter has been discussed by the General Grades Committee and the following decision has been taken: -

“We note the report from our lead officer. The employer has indicated that it will agree to extend the deadline for calling industrial action by seven days, but has not yet sent the correct wording for this.

'Mayors Questions' Response On London Living Wage For DLR Carlisle Cleaners

London's mayor Boris Johnson answers questions from the London Assembly Members each month at 'Mayor's Questions.' Andrew Dismore - Labour Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden asked the question "Why are cleaners employed by Carlisle, contracted by TfL's franchisee Serco to provide cleaning services on Docklands Light Railway, not paid the London Living Wage?" on october 17th.

The response is as follows:

3026/2012 London Living Wage for TFL Cleaners

Carlisle Cleaning And Security Workers On The Docklands Light Railway Give Massive Mandate For Industrial Action

That we note the result of the ballots for both strikes and action short of strikes is as follows:-

Total votes cast 32
Number voting “Yes” 31 (96.9% of valid vote)
Number voting “No” 1
Spoilt Papers 0

Was Dangerous Waste Illegally Dumped Near Beckton DLR? RMT Demands Answers

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today demanded a full investigation by the safety authorities and assurances on staff and passenger safety as the union received reports over the weekend that police has arrested a gang on Friday thought to be responsible for the dumping of thousands of tons of asbestos and other hazardous waste adjacent to Beckton DLR station where the main DLR depot is also sited.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

National Conference Of Signalling And Operations Grades, 2013

An additional motion has been added as an attachment below. It was inadvertently left off of the agenda originally sent out

I enclose for your attention the invitation to the 2013 National Conference of Signalling and Operations Grades that will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th February 2013 in the Prince Consort hall at the Winter Gardens, Royal Parade, Weston-super-Mare.

Items for the agenda, including resolutions, invitations for future conference venue,
nominations for officers, executive committee seats and auditors must reach the Conference

RMT and DLR Cleaning Contractor Reach Recognition Agreement

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note that Carlisle Cleaning Services has agreed to recognise RMT as the sole trade union representing all hourly-paid cleaning employees, and ratify the recognition agreement contained in the file. We congratulate our Regional Organiser and DLR branch in achieving this. We instruct the General Secretary to include a report in RMT News and to send a personal letter by post to all our members on this contract explaining what recognition entails and enclosing a membership form so that they can encourage their workmates to join.

DLR Arrangements for Jubilee Bank Holiday

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note Serco Docklands’ intentions for arrangements for staff for the Diamond Jubilee bank holiday. We also note the view of our DLR branch secretary that Serco Docklands’ response follows the company’s normal practice, applying the same procedure as for additional public holidays in previous years.

London Transport Regional Council and DLR branch to be advised.

BBC London Broadcasts Correction Following Misquote of Fire Brigades' Union On DLR Olympic Bonus

On Thursday's edition of BBC London, during an item about the £2500 Olympic Bonus for Docklands Light Railway workers the Fire brigades' Union was incorrectly quoted as saying "The Fire Brigades Union has told us tonight that they think this deal is unfair.”

The FBU was quick to correct the misquote issuing a statement to all their members: