Central Line East branch

StratfordFormerly Stratford No 1 branch, Central Line East branch includes LUL station staff (SS, SA(CR), SAMF, CSA) at all Central line stations from Holborn to Epping, Cleaners on these stations, LUL Train Operators and Instructor Operators and Sodexo canteen staff at Leytonstone depot.

Central Line East branch meets on the second Thursday of every month 17:00-19:15 at the ex-Services club, Leytonstone - map here.

Resolution:Election of Functional Reps - submitted by Stratford No 1 Branch

The following resolution submitted by Stratford No 1 Branch fell 9 votes to 4 at the October 27th Regional Council meeting.

This Region reaffirms its support for the policy of functional and tier two reps returning to the workplace after a three year term in office.
This Region also supports the ability of functional reps to stand down from the level 1 position if they so choose.
However this Region believes that it is unfair that candidates for functional council have to be local reps in order to be eligible.

Eric Eustace Williams : Trade Unionist & first PM of Trinidad & Tobago

The following resolution submitted by Stratford No1was carried at the October 27th Regional Council

Eric Eustace Williams : Trade Unionist & first PM of Trinidad & Tobago
This year sees the centenary of the Birth of Eric Eustace Williams (25 September 1911 – 29 March 1981.

A series of commemorations of Dr Willaims life & his work for the people of Trinidad and Tobago will be held in Cambridge University.

Stratford N01 Branch would be grateful if the LTRC would support a donation to the Eric Eustace Williams fund.

Progress on Central Line Asbestos

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the correspondence from our LU Engineering branch, reporting that major progress has been made in negotiating a safer system of work for track workers in this area, although there are outstanding concerns regarding non-track project staff and the potential of complacency creeping in.

Stratford 1 branch Newsletter 6th September 2011

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London Underground’s truculent management regime is now threatening train operators with disciplinary action for taking “too many” PNRs.

Local managers across LUL have been instructed to create an EIRF each time a train operator takes a personal needs relief and these are then recording on personal files. On the H&C line a T/Op has been threatened with disciplinary action.

Discussing Class with Owen Jones, Author of 'Chavs'

Chavs bookOwen Jones, author of 'Chavs: the demonisation of the working class' will be speaking about his book following the Stratford no.1 RMT branch meeting on Thursday 8 September. All RMT members welcome. Buffet provided.

Venue: Leytonstone & District ex-Servicemens Club, Harvey Road, Leytonstone, E11 3BD. (Map.) - Five minutes from Leytonstone underground station.

Owen says, “Denying class has proved all-too-convenient in ignoring the concerns of working-class people. We don’t talk about the fact that people from unskilled backgrounds are ten times more likely to be unemployed than professional people or that five million working-class people are languishing on social housing waiting lists. Nothing makes sense without class. If we don’t talk about it, millions will remain disenfranchised, marginalised and ignored. Thatcherism closed the national debate on class: now is the time to re-open it.”