Brian Munro Cancer Fighting Fund

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Brian Munro is 44. He lives with his partner Lucy and their two children, Isobel (10) and Brenna (7). Last July Brian was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma metastasis to his liver.

A cutting edge treatment is available at Christie’s Hospital in Manchester that can prolong Brian Munro’s life. We need your help to do that.

Brian Munro was first diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma (an extremely rare eye cancer) in December 2007. Since then Brian and his family have tried to live their lives as normally as possible. But in July 2012 Brian’s family and friends were shocked to learn that he had developed Ocular Melanoma metastasis to his liver. He was told that as the cancer had spread from his eye, the condition was now incurable and he might only have a few months to live.
With the support and advice of OcumelUK, a charity which represents people suffering with ocular melanoma, Brian sought out treatments to prolong his life and to fight the cancer.

In September and December 2012, Brian was one of the first patients in the UK to receive a new breakthrough treatment at Southampton University Hospital involving the isolation of his liver and directed high doses of chemotherapy. Brian is still under the care of the doctors at Southampton Hospital but another cutting edge treatment is now available at Christie’s Hospital in Manchester.

Adoptive Lymphocite Transfer is at the cutting edge of science making the body itself immune to cancer. Immune therapy involves harnessing the bodies own ability to fight cancer. This new treatment at Christie’s uses the so-called killer T cells that can attack and kill cancer cells. These killer T-cells are in the body's front line of immune defences. The doctor’s at Christie’s have found that they can take killer T-cells from a patient's own tumour, and grow these in a laboratory to form a colony of millions - an attacking army of killer T-cells can then be safely re-injected into the patient.

Unfortunately this treatment is not available on the NHS at the moment. But Brian does not have the time to wait for this breakthrough treatment to become available routinely and needs your help to raise the funds to prolong his life. We hope that if the funds are raised and this treatment is beneficial it will make a case for NHS funding and a real difference to people, like Brian who have this rare and deadly cancer.

Brian Munro is a lifelong socialist and trade unionist. A Branch Secretary and representative for the Bakerloo Branch of the RMT for nearly 20 years, Brian has fought for working class people all his life.

Please make a donation to the fund using the PayPal account above. You can also download the attached collection sheet for raising funds in the workplace.

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