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London Underground Ltd

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News, reports and information for RMT members who work for London Underground Ltd

Back Pain Survey For Tube Train Drivers


Do you suffer from any of the following? Bad back, neck, shoulders, wrists, arms, elbows, hands or knees. If the answer is YES to any then please go to the following link below and complete the survey.

In 2013, I undertook the largest survey on the Victoria Line with 70% of the Train Operators (both Aslef & RMT members) completing the survey. This was to establish the truth regarding this particular ill-health.

Bakerloo News October 2014


Here is the October / November issue of Bakerloo News. In this edition

  • Threat of strikes forces concessions: Keep fighting to win more!
  • Management’s five year plan for LDIs?
  • Justice for Alex, Noel, and Vicky! Reinstatement now!
  • RMT beats lone working at Stonebridge Park

Click 'read more' to view and download the newsletter

RMT Congratulates Members On EJM Dispute Resolve


Further to my previous Circular No. IR/247/14, 22nd September 2014, a mass meeting of Reps took place on Thursday 2nd October to discuss the progress made during recent negotiations including commitments that displaced staff will not have to travel more than 30 minutes to a new location; any member deployed to a grade with a lower rate of pay will have their salary guaranteed; no member will have to reapply for their current job – all staff will be given all relevant coaching/training to settle into their new role.

Reinstate Vicky Hayward!


Click 'attachment' / file name to download a leaflet. Please distribute around your workplace.

London Underground Ltd has sacked Bank group CSA Vicky Hayward, despite having no evidence against her. It relied on managers’ statements about what CCTV footage showed, after the footage was destroyed before Vicky or her union rep had the chance to look at it.

If LUL gets away with this, it could be you next time.

Significant Progress Leads To Strike Being Called Off


‘That we note the update report from the Lead Officer which outlines progress that has been made at ACAS since our last decision to call strike action which are as follows:

  • LU has abandoned their position that consultation has been completed. They now accept further consultation will take place on Fit for the Future, Stations.
  • LU has accepted that the number of post reductions will be further reduced from the planned 897.
  • The crucial principle of Salary and location guarantee has been extended to all staff who have medical restrictions.

in The News: RMT Calls Tube Strike


The RMT have announced a 48 hour tube strike next week in the fight over job cuts and ticket office closures. The latest action has been widely reported in the press as RMT members prepare for action to defend jobs and a decent tube service:


Londoners are set for further Tube chaos next week with London Underground workers due to go on strike for 48 hours over staff cuts and ticket office closures.

Tube Workers Strike Over Job Cuts


TUBE UNION RMT today confirmed 48 hours of strike action on London Underground later this month in the continuing fight against the Mayor’s onslaught on jobs, working conditions, safety and the threat to services including the wholesale closure of ticket offices.

The vast majority of RMT tube members have been instructed not to book on for any shifts between 2100 hrs on 14th October through to 2059 hrs on the 16th October. Fleet members have been instructed not to book on for any shifts between 1829 hrs on the 14th October through to 1828 hrs on the 16th October.

Sister Vicky Hayward Sacked Using CCTV Footage Her Rep Wasn't Allowed To See


Further to my previous circular dated 14th August 2014 (IR/208/14) the GGC had considered a resolution from Central Line East Branch over the use of CCTV in a disciplinary case. Despite using CCTV evidence against the member, this evidence was not made available to her rep in order to argue her case. Unfortunately LUL has since decided to dismiss this member who is Sister Vicky Hayward.

Reinstate Vicky Hayward!

GGC decision, 30 September

That we note with regret that on 29 September, London Underground Ltd summarily dismissed Sister Vicky Hayward. We are shocked and appalled that the company chose to disregard all the arguments and evidence that Sister Hayward and her representative put forward, and persisted in using managers' statements as to what they had seen on CCTV footage as "evidence" despite the actual footage having been destroyed.

We note the legal advice received, which confirms that LUL's actions are in breach of data protection law and employment law.

Trainers - Do Not Sign Away Your Job


Dear Colleague,

COO training reorganisation - no agreement reached with your negotiators - do not sign away your job.

I am writing to you in respect of the fit for future for trainers in LUL, this is a similar exercise by TfL to reduce staffing and save money at the expense of jobs and the service provided to the travelling public.

You may have received a briefing from management as follows:-

“At yesterday’s consultation meeting the following was discussed:

  • An update on recent appointments in the training function was provided.
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