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GMB Sussex Branch Supports Alex McGuigan Reinstatement Fight


The GMB Union's Sussex branch has passed a motion applauding the RMT efforts to secure Alex Mcguigans reinstatement. The branch has also kindly donated towards a strike fund to provide 'practical support in their efforts to win'.

In response RMT London Transport Region Secretary Eamonn Lynch has written to thank the branch for their support. Eamonn said "We really appreciate the support from your branch and the donation is gladly accepted. I know I speak for Alex when I say the support from RMT members and from comrades across the union movement is not only appreciated but a source of inspiration.

Night Tube Cannot Be Rushed Through To Suit Mayor Say RMT


Night Tube
LU wants to start running it’s Friday and Saturday ight-tube service from Sept 2015. With a completely new station staffing model demanding new grades and rosters to be introduced in early 2016 we are faced with months of upheaval. Any sane employer would delay Night Tube until 2016 but no one in LU management will stand up to Boris.

Night Tube presents real problems for all grades and RMT is fighting to ensure that any members affected receive fair compensation from the company.

What Night Tube Means for Us

Train Operators

  • Many more nights

Latest London Calling Newsletter


Please download and distribute the new London Calling Newsletter with info on the latest talks on Fit for the Future stations and Night Tube.

Bakerloo News December 2014


In this edition:

  • Ticket office closures: not inevitable
  • Reinstate our colleagues!
  • Interserve cleaners: fight back against exploitation!
  • RMT: fighting for more staff
  • RMT Bakerloo AGM 2014: remembering Brian Munro, looking ahead to a year of struggle!
  • Location “preferencing” for station staff
  • Your sick pay rights
  • Ramping up...
  • Local reports

SFC News: Latest from Talks and Preferencing Advice

Please download and distribute the new editionn of SFC News on your group

The disgraceful treatment of employees continues unabated.


The disgraceful treatment of employees continues unabated.

Our cleaners all over the combine are having to contend with bullying and intimidating managers who routinely abuse agreed policies and procedures including;

• Grievances unheard
• pay illegally deducted
• pay slips not provided
• victimisation
• race discrimination
• targeting of RMT trade union reps for their trade union activities.

New LUL Uniform - Feedback Wanted

The new LUL uniform is being trialled until 8th of December at Camden, Oxford Circus, Mile End, Greenford, Perivale, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Acton Town Depot and Edgware Road Depot.

RMT reps on the uniform committee would like to hear your feedback on it. You can email us at info@rmtlondoncalling.org.uk or give your view on the uniform website at

Attached is done of the responses that have been recieved so far.

RMT Appaled As Police Remove Rep From Depot At Bosses Request

To all London Transport Regional Activists
5th December 2014
Dear Colleagues

Message from John Leach, Regional Organiser
Interserve Dispute – RMT Reps Under Attack

Dear Colleagues

Members will be aware that on 12th November, RMT announced its fight back against injustices on Interserve. Please see the attached press release we put out last month.

Latest from Fit for the Future Consultation

I am aware that many questions are being thrown up as LU proceeds to implement Fit for the Future without our agreement.

Ticket Offcie Closures
LU says that it has made its mind up to close every ticket ofcie regardless of all the points raised by RMT.
A list of dates for the closure of every ticket ofice (ex-Silverklink dates TBC but LU is confident they will be shut by the end of 2015) has now been put on the LU Fit for the future site and can be downloaded below.
We will continue to campaign against the closures and will work with the public to stop the company's plans.

Report: TUC Disabled Workers' Committee meeting, 27 November 2014


  • Shadow Report to the United Nations: still being prepared, as there is a lot of material to fit into a limited space.
  • Challenging myths and prejudice around disability and benefit claimants: Our proposal (from our last meeting) to have a leaflet for workplaces and a model article for union journals is being addressed through the new TUC campaign, ‘Save Our Safety Net’. This campaign includes a magazine for distribution in workplaces which is pretty cheap to buy (£2 for 50 copies; £3 for 100)
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