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Alex McGuigan: The Facts

  1. Alex was the subject of a random D&A test on June 17th which returned a positive result for alcohol in the breath. This was despite Alex complying with LUL guidelines on alcohol consumption.
  2. Alex informed the tester that he suffers from type 2 diabetes and is prescribed Metformin to manage the condition. It is a matter of fact that sufferers of type 2 diabetes can give false positive readings.
  3. Alex hadn't eaten any food for 19 hours before the test. It is a matter of fact that people fasting, or on certain diets, can give false positive readings.

Letter from LU says CSM Development assessments WILL NOT be used to determine location


A letter sent by LU to TSSA and copied to RMT states that the CSM development events will not be used to determine grade or location.

This in no way legitimises the development events which are a key step towards implementation of LU's plans.

The fact that the company now accepts that the events will not influence the location that current supervisors will be asked to work in should give more confidence to RMT members to follow our industrial action and refuse to attend development evets from 3 Sept.

SFC News: Refusal to Attend CSM Development & Overtime Ban

Please download and distribute the latest Station Functional Council News from Fit for the Future talks.

Talks over Fit for the Future plans have ground to a halt. Your union has done everything we can to talk constructively to the company about how we can avoid draconian job cuts, ridiculous displacements and the mass downgrading of members working in station grades.
LU’s response has been to ignore your concerns and impose implement-ation of their plans.
Not one job has been restored leaving stations with nowhere near enough staff to assist on POMs or run stations safely.

Press Coverage Of Our Fight Against Tube Cuts


Since announcing an overtime ban and preparation for further strike action, the media have once again been focusing on tube bosses and Tory Mayor Boris Johnson's plan to cut £4.2 billion pounds from the tube, and the RMT fight to stop it.

BBC News - Tube strike: London Underground workers to ban overtime

The latest industrial action by London Underground (LU) workers over the dispute about plans to close all ticket offices and cut 960 jobs has been announced.

RMT Acting General Secretary Writes To Sodexo Boss Demanding Reinstatement Of Brother Mihaj

Petrit Mihaj.png


Further to my previous Circular No. IR/196/14, 31st July 2014, this matter has again been considered by the General Grades Committee, which has noted the successful strike action by Sodexo members on Monday 4th August in pursuit of reinstatement for Brother Mihaj.

Piccadilly Drivers To Be Balloted As Bosses Break Agreements



A report has been received from the Lead Officer concerning the Company’s plans to run a service at Ealing Broadway over the Christmas period using Piccadilly Line staff during a period of engineering work. This does not constitute a service emergency and therefore amounts to cross line working which is in breach of our agreements for Train Operators.

Long List Of Dispute Points Leads To Central Line Drivers' Industrial Action Ballot


I have received a report from the Regional Organiser over a dispute affecting Drivers on the Central Line. This dispute originally arose last year over a number of health and safety and industrial concerns. Management had been breaching their own policies and guidelines on numerous occasions They had also failed to complete agreed actions in a timely manner and an institutionalised reluctance to engage in meaningful talks on serious safety concerns.

ISS Members Balloted For Action Against Fingerprint Book Ons

  • ISS members balloted for action
  • Many cleaners, including reps locked out
  • Cleaners expected to book on in rat infested cupboards

Branches will be aware that ISS imposed a Biometric booking on system back in July without our agreement despite the clear and overwhelming objection of their own staff. We have been in dispute ISS for over a year because we firmly believe this system is a breach of your civil liberties. It is not acceptable for an employer to force staff to give their Biometric “fingerprint” data to allow them to work their shift.

New Industrial Action In Fight Against Tube Job Cuts

  • With effect from 00.01 hours Wednesday 3rd September 2014, until further notice, all station staff and station supervisors are instructed not to work any overtime
  • With effect from 00.01 hours Wednesday 3rd September 2014, until further notice, all Station Supervisors members are instructed not to participate in development courses and assessments at the Development centres.

Piccadilly Line Driver's Strike Ballot To Be Prepared



That we note the report on file advising that LUL are now in breach of previous agreements.

Accordingly we instruct the Acting General Secretary to inform the Company that we are in dispute, also to prepare a ballot for strike action and short of strike action of our affected members.
In addition, all reps are instructed not to cooperate with any work to facilitate the proposals, plus all relevant branches to be consulted on possibility of strike action should management not withdraw their proposals.

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