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Bakerloo Branch Newsletter July 2014


In the July edition of Bakerloo News:

  • Reinstate Dave Hanson: Sacked...without evidence!
  • RMT Bakerloo: winning for workers
  • Support locked-out ISS cleaners: Initial could be next!
  • Union Learning update
  • What is Bakerloo News?
  • Stand by for more action in LU jobs dispute - We still say: no to cuts and closures!
  • Brian Munro, 1968-2014

July JWP- talks update



3000+ Displacements

No Salary guarantee

No protection for staff with reasonable adjustments/flexible working

No security for those staff with caring responsibilities

Virtually all existing Part time positions to be removed

1500 SCRA`s/SSMFs chasing 500 jobs - rest to be put on 3 years POE

Please download, print, display and distribute around your workplace

Stations Functional News: Latest Report from JWP talks.

Talks Reveal that Assurances Amount to Nothing
RMT Demands Real Guarantees on Pay, Location & Grade

Mr Hufton's statements seemed almost reasonable in the circumstances; a genuine commitment to minimise upheaval for those affected by the impending job cuts.
RMT reps have engaged with LUL in an attempt to flesh out the promises. We quickly established that there were no guarantees at all. They simply weren't genuine.

Download the newsletter for more.

Regional recruitment/organising day- July 31 2014 1000 Bond St

31/07/2014 10:00

Regional recruitment/organising day July 31 - meet 100 at Bond St station
Followed by Train grades 1400 Unity House
Station grades 1430 Exmouth Arms
Regional Council 1630 Exmouth arms

Please come along and support these important events

July edition of londoncalling


Please download, print and display in your workplace


LUL withdraw their commitment to ensure no staff will be moved to a lower paid grade.
Despite Phil Hufton, COO, stating at ACAS in May 2014 “it would be morally wrong to take money off my staff”


Sodexo - the next step


Meeting for all canteen workers in Sodexo
21 July 2014 at the Exmouth Arms, Euston
Attached is a pdf flyer
Please download print and display in your workplace
call is for Petrit Mijad to be reinstated immediately !!

Power Control Strike Suspedended


from RMT Acting General Secretary Mick Cash

Further to my last letter, I am pleased to advise you that ACAS talks to resolve this dispute have resulted in real progress. This matter has now been considered by the General Grades Committee which has decided to suspend all industrial action in this dispute with immediate effect and therefore you are instructed to work normally.

RMT Slams Tube Bosses For "Winging It On Safety" As Power Control Strike Extended


Joint strike action by tube power control staff extended a further week to 22 July as RMT hits out at flagrant breaches of safety.

Mick Cash RMT acting general secretary said

"This dispute is over an all-out attack on the power control grade that would hit pensions, length of service and working conditions and damage the futures of this key group of tube workers. Management’s claim that they can run the system without them is both provocative and dangerous.

Support The July 10th Fightback

picket post.jpg

A number of unions have called industrial action to take place on Thursday 10th July. Public sector workers are protesting the imposition of a 1% pay rise – which would represent yet another year where their living standards decline (taking into account inflation).

Irrespective of whether the UK economy is in a sound position, the country is already and is predicted to continue registering growth. And workers must take their share – as many are expected to do.

TfL Members To Hold Pay & Pensions Strike On July 10th

TfL logo and building.png

Transport for London staff join July 10th strike action in fight over attack on pay and pensions
RMT members at Transport for London will be taking a further 24 hours of joint strike action from this Thursday morning, coinciding with widespread national industrial action in the public sector, in a dispute over an all-out attack on pay and pensions that would condemn to staff to a life of poverty in retirement.

Members have been instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between:-

  • 05.59 hours Thursday 10th July 2014 and 05.58 hours Friday 11th July 2014.
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