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RMT members from LUL &FGW to demo at start of strike action. July 8 1830 Paddington Stn

08/07/2015 18:30

RMT members from both LUL and FGW will be holding a rally at Paddington Station at the start of their respective strikes.
LUL have set out their stall to impose change on the workers and have been given the clearest response from the RMT.
92% of members voted for taking industrial action.

Equally impressive has been the response from our comrades on FGW who in a dispute over similar issues have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strikes.

Jubilee South branch - strike starts here London Bridge 1830 July 8

08/07/2015 18:30

To kick off the strike action on London Underground the Jubille Branch will be having a picket line at London Bridge station on Wednesday July 8 at 1830.

Please make every effort to attend and serve notice to LUL that this strike will be supported by all the workers 100%

The branch will sit prior to the demo at The Blue Eyed Maid, Borough High St , nearest stations London Bridge and Borough.

Upfront Train Drivers' Newsletter July 2015 - Strike Special


Upfront is the newsletter for train drivers on London Underground. In this 'strike special' edition:

  • RMT Tube Members Vote For Strike - Pay & Night Tube Offer Strongly Rejected
  • Unity Between Unions
  • Pay Offer Rejected
  • Night Tube – What We Want
  • Stations & Fleet Strike Too

ACAS Report On Pay & Night Tube and Job Cuts Disputes


Dear RMT members

Most of you will be aware that we have had a number of magnificent ballot results where members in our union in LUL as well as all of the other tube unions have voted overwhelmingly to fight back. We have four current disputes in LUL:

1. Pay and Night tube
2. Every job matters - defending jobs on London Underground
3. M Door safety alarm procedures - Jubilee Line
4. Introduction of Agency trainers - London Underground

Striking is good for the soul - read why here.


Short guide to striking

When does it start?

The strike will start for Station Staff at 18.30 on Wednesday 8th July

What does this mean?

That if your duty starts after this time you do not report for duty until after the strike ends

What if my duty starts before this time?

If you have started your duty before 18.30 you complete that duty as normal.

When does the strike end

The strike ends for Station Staff at 18.29 Thursday 9th July

What does this mean

Bakerloo News July 2015 - Strike Special


Bakerloo News is the newsletter of Bakerloo branch members of the RMT London Transport Region.

In this special strike edition:

  • Huge vote for strikes - All out on 8-9 July!
  • A first-time striker’s guide to taking industrial action
  • Solidarity Forever!
  • Us vs. Them


Station grades have two compelling reasons to strike alongside all the LU recognised unions on 8/9 July.
Fit for the Future threatens to casualise our working lives and force us to work in chronically understaffed stations.
LU's attempt to impose Night Tube without sufficient staffing will mean working additional nights and weekends.
Please download and distribute the newsletter.
Printed copies will be available at Unity House from Friday afternoon.
Make sure someone from your group is able to pick up copies to get around to all station members.

latest edition of london calling - strike special edition ALL OUT JULY 8/9


latest edition of rmt London calling

download, print ,distribute and display around your workplace

Hard copies available from Unity House from Friday

The strikes are on

All grades (apart from T/Ops & I/Os)

Do not book on for duty 1830 July 8 until 1829 July 9

T/ops & I/Os do not book on for duty 2130 July 8 until 2129 July 9

OT ban from 2130 July 9

The unrealistic and unfair thresholds the Tories and the Mayor wish to impose on Strike ballots have been well and truly hurdled by workers on the tube.

Piccadilly Reps Report July 2015


Well I am pleased to say that my area is fantastically strong. We REPs have recruited every single new person to the Piccadilly Circus group. Fixed term as well. 12 members in the last month.

Amazing, it's really easy for you to use your iPad to recruit. Giving someone a paper membership application is so last year. I do it on my personal iPad. Takes 5 minutes.

850 Job Cuts Threatened On Tube As Terror Attack 10th Anniversary Coming Up


A week before 10th anniversary of London 7/7 terror attacks RMT warns of "dangerous complacency" over cuts
A week before the 10th anniversary of the London 7/7 terror attacks transport union RMT has warned of "dangerous complacency" on the part of tube bosses who appear to make no connection at all between incident response times and staffing numbers on stations and platforms.

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