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Autism In The Workplace

04/11/2014 09:30
04/11/2014 16:30

Autism in the Workplace is a really exciting event being run at the Workers’ Educational Association - WEA, Luke Street - on 4th November, 9.30am–4.30pm.

This briefing is for union reps, officers and members of all unions on Autism in the Workplace.

You can register online below, and you can find out more about this subject on Janine Booth's website - http://www.janinebooth.com/autism

Bakerloo News October 2014


Here is the October / November issue of Bakerloo News. In this edition

  • Threat of strikes forces concessions: Keep fighting to win more!
  • Management’s five year plan for LDIs?
  • Justice for Alex, Noel, and Vicky! Reinstatement now!
  • RMT beats lone working at Stonebridge Park

Click 'read more' to view and download the newsletter

RMT Congratulates Members On EJM Dispute Resolve


Further to my previous Circular No. IR/247/14, 22nd September 2014, a mass meeting of Reps took place on Thursday 2nd October to discuss the progress made during recent negotiations including commitments that displaced staff will not have to travel more than 30 minutes to a new location; any member deployed to a grade with a lower rate of pay will have their salary guaranteed; no member will have to reapply for their current job – all staff will be given all relevant coaching/training to settle into their new role.

NEW London Calling: Srikes Suspended - What have we Achieved?

Please download and distribute the new London Calling, which explains what has been achieved and what we will be negotiating on next.

Reinstate Vicky Hayward!


Click 'attachment' / file name to download a leaflet. Please distribute around your workplace.

London Underground Ltd has sacked Bank group CSA Vicky Hayward, despite having no evidence against her. It relied on managers’ statements about what CCTV footage showed, after the footage was destroyed before Vicky or her union rep had the chance to look at it.

If LUL gets away with this, it could be you next time.

Rally & Leafletting to Defend Jobs & Services on the Tube 14.10.14 17:30 Kings X

There will be a rally and public leafletting against ticket office closures and job cuts on the tube at 17:30hrs on Tue 14 Oct on the forecourt of Kings Cross station.
Please try to attend

Significant Progress Leads To Strike Being Called Off


‘That we note the update report from the Lead Officer which outlines progress that has been made at ACAS since our last decision to call strike action which are as follows:

  • LU has abandoned their position that consultation has been completed. They now accept further consultation will take place on Fit for the Future, Stations.
  • LU has accepted that the number of post reductions will be further reduced from the planned 897.
  • The crucial principle of Salary and location guarantee has been extended to all staff who have medical restrictions.

Bakerloo News: Strike Special October 2014


Read the latest edition of Bakerloo News here:

  • Strike against cuts
  • Drivers and station staff are in this together!
  • Why you should strike
  • Justice for Alex, Noel, and Vicky! Reinstatement now!

Strike on 14/15 Oct: LONDON CALLING for download

Please download and distribute the latest London Calling newsletter.

I Support The Tube Strike Because...


ITV News held a survey on their website asking readers whether they supported the RMT tube strike planned for next week. The results on Tuesday evening showed that nearly 7 in 10 'Monday to Friday users' support the 48hr stoppage, and 62% of all tube users support the action. Many people who completed the survey also tweeted their reasons for supporting the strike.

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