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Sodexo - why we are striking !


Please download, print and display around your workplace.


Attached is a pdf that explains the importance of defending sacked RMT rep Petrit Mihaj
Remember , Petrit has won an Employment Tribunal against his employer who attached no blame whatsoever to Petrit.
Sodexo have dismissed Petrit solely because he was a RMT rep carrying out legitimate trade union activities
Sodexo should do the decent thing and reinstate him immediately

every job matters walkabout

ejm-block (1).png

Functional reps from both RMT & TSSA will be on a walkabout across the whole combine next Thursday and Friday, Aug 7 & 8th.

I am asking all local reps/activists to try and come along in their area to assist in us talking to as many people as possible.

We need to bolster support, build confidence and understand the strength of feeling on the ground for any future possible industrial action.

I appreciate it is short notice but if you are able to help out please let me know.
Contact me by email or text.


tel: 07578769943

In solidarity

Sodexo Canteen Staff To Strike


Staff working for London Underground caterers Sodexo are to strike next week over the victimisation and dismissal of union activist Petrit Mihaj. The strike action will be between 06.30 hours and 11.00 hours on Monday 4th August.

RMT Opposed To Fit for the Future Supervisor Training

RMT reps at the Fit for the Future Joint Working Party have raised our opposition to this process. There is no agreement with any trade union to proceed with these development events. However, LU has imposed this process as it starts to implement Fit for the Future while refusing to enter into meaningful negotiations.

Central Line Suspended As Masonry Falls On Track


The RMT's Trains Health and Safety council (THSC) have responded to an incident today which saw masonry fall onto the track at Mile End on the Central line.

The council is seeking further information on what could have been a very serious incident, and have written to LUL bosses for further details.

The Letter
Could you supply us with all the information you have on today's incident at Mile End Station. We gather that lumps of masonry, as large as a dot matrix, fell approx 10ft from the station roof to the track at the W/B starter.



Here is a copy of the letter sent to Phil Hufton from both unions
It is clear both unions have run out of patience with the employer and have set out in detail what is required to resolve this dispute

Phil Hufton
Chief Operating Officer
London Underground Ltd
Floor 5, 15 Westferry Circus
E14 4HD
24th July 2014

Dear Phil

Bakerloo Branch Newsletter July 2014


In the July edition of Bakerloo News:

  • Reinstate Dave Hanson: Sacked...without evidence!
  • RMT Bakerloo: winning for workers
  • Support locked-out ISS cleaners: Initial could be next!
  • Union Learning update
  • What is Bakerloo News?
  • Stand by for more action in LU jobs dispute - We still say: no to cuts and closures!
  • Brian Munro, 1968-2014

July JWP- talks update



3000+ Displacements

No Salary guarantee

No protection for staff with reasonable adjustments/flexible working

No security for those staff with caring responsibilities

Virtually all existing Part time positions to be removed

1500 SCRA`s/SSMFs chasing 500 jobs - rest to be put on 3 years POE

Please download, print, display and distribute around your workplace

Stations Functional News: Latest Report from JWP talks.


Talks Reveal that Assurances Amount to Nothing
RMT Demands Real Guarantees on Pay, Location & Grade

Mr Hufton's statements seemed almost reasonable in the circumstances; a genuine commitment to minimise upheaval for those affected by the impending job cuts.
RMT reps have engaged with LUL in an attempt to flesh out the promises. We quickly established that there were no guarantees at all. They simply weren't genuine.

Download the newsletter for more.

Regional recruitment/organising day- July 31 2014 1000 Bond St or Leytonstone

31/07/2014 10:00

Regional recruitment/organising day July 31 - meet 100 at Bond St station or Leytonstone to visit all locations on the Central Line
Followed by Train grades 1400 Unity House
Station grades 1430 Exmouth Arms
Regional Council 1630 Exmouth arms

Please come along and support these important events

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