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Report part 1: ETF Women's Committee meeting, October 2014 - The Committee and its Campaigns


An ETF Women’s Committee meeting consists of the elected Committee members, representatives of each sector (railways, civil aviation, etc), guests from affiliated trade unions, local women trade unionists (this time, from Antwerp port), and ETF staff. At the next meeting, we will be joined by the newly-elected young women’s representative. I have proposed that RMT arranges for our National Women’s Advisory Committee Chair, Becky Crocker, to attend the next meeting, in March 2015.


Women’s Health and Safety at Work

Report part 2: ETF Women's Committee meeting, October 2014 - Women Port Workers


Women Working at Antwerp Port

Having begun working as a receptionist in 1975, Monique Verbeeck is the first female secretary of the Belgian port union, BTB. She is also the ITF and ETF women port workers’ representative. Monique introduced a deputation of women union activists from the Port of Antwerp, who addressed the meeting and took us on a visit to the port.

A DHL worker told us that port working is no longer entirely a “man’s world”, although it is still male-dominated.

Report part 3: ETF Women's Committee meeting, October 2014 - Country and Sector reports

Country Reports


From 2007, the socialist government introduced equality legislation and a framework to demand action against sexism and harassment. But since then, the situation has been worsened by economic crisis, with equalities driven off the agenda, curbs on collective bargaining, crèches closed, and equality plans dropped.

There has been a “dualisation of the labour market”, a split between secure workers and precarious workers, who are harder to unionise.

Local BNS/Roster Consultation Starts - Preferencing and 30 Min Talks

Local BNS/Roster Consultation starts at Rickmansworth.

The first group to begin the local BNS/Roster consultation is my own, Rickmansworth.
At the initial meeting LU confirmed that they agree with our reading of the BNS methodology, which means that if a CSS/CSM on a lone worked station is utilised in the ticket hall for 3 mins in any 15 min period then there should be a second member of staff in the ticket hall at that time.

Docklands Dispute Goes On Despite Legal Challenge



Further to my previous Circular No. IR/297/14, 7th November 2014, members will be aware it was the intention of RMT to conduct a ballot for industrial action over detrimental changes to terms and conditions as a result of Serco Docklands losing the DLR contract. RMT advised Serco of our serious concerns and the hope was that the Companies would appreciate that this course of action demonstrated members’ strength of feeling and would take steps to resolve the issues.

Interserve's Culture Of Bullying Leads To RMT Strike Ballot

Cleaners Demo


Since Interserve took over the contract from Initial, things have seriously deteriorated for members. Your Union met with senior management on 5th November where we outlined a significant number of problems with the way they are dealing with their employees.

Mistreatment of Staff and Abuse of Power by Supervisors and Management

RMT & ASLEF Plan Joint Action In Test Train Drivers Dispute



I have received correspondence from our Lead Officer advising of a failure to agree in relation to two issues affecting Test Train Drivers, which are as follows:-

Payment for working Boxing Day
The Company has rejected a claim for 2 days’ pay, on top of normal salary and any overtime worked, to be given to TTOs working on Boxing Day as per the original agreement for Train Operators.

Sandite Overtime

Bakerloo News November 2014


Check out the latest edition of Bakerloo News, attached below.

RMT cleaners - special dispute meeting

picket post.jpg

As you know Interserve have taken over the contract from Initial and it hasn't taken long for a dispute situation to arise.

The issues we are in dispute are as follows;

Pay being withheld deliberately - we have already had 1 walkout over this.
Abuse of the machinery
Bullying and harassment by management

Our cleaner reps and activists are not prepared to stand idly by and let management ride roughshod over their members.

A meeting has been called for : 1600 WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 19 ROOM 1 UNITY HOUSE

Reintate our reps now - demo outside Sodexo HQ Nov 14 1100

14/11/2014 11:00
14/11/2014 14:30
Petrit Mihaj.png

Campaigners fighting union-busters SODEXO to link up with Orgreave justice fight in London on Friday

ACTIVISTS FROM transport union RMT, fighting union-busting outsourcing outfit SODEXO, will be linking up with campaigners from the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign in central London on Friday as both organisations seek to apply pressure for justice in their respective campaigns.

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