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London Underground Ltd

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News, reports and information for RMT members who work for London Underground Ltd

Defend Mark Harding Meeting

10/02/2014 17:00

A meeting is being held to organise the 'Defend Mark Harding campaign. Mark was arrested off of a picket line and held in a cell for 13 hours, before receiving draconian bail conditions following an allegation from an apparent strike breaker.

The meeting will be for RMT members only but we welcome all support for the campaign.

Branch Motion Expresses 'Total Support' For RMT Activist Mark Harding


RMT Paddington No.1 branch meeting this afternoon (Friday, 7 February 2014) was attended by 40 RMT members who carried the following resolution unanimously:

ACAS Update 4 - Every Job Matters Dispute

John Leach BBC NEws.PNG

Dear RMT members. Please find below a update from me .

Today at 1000 hours we returned to exploratory talks with LUL , under the aspucies of ACAS in the dispute Every Job Matters.

RMT Tube Revenue Action Explained


This action is suspended - more detail here.

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow


Massive Support For RMT 'Every Job Matters' Tube Dispute

ejm-block (1).png

As the start of a 48 hour tube dispute approaches, we have received massive support for our upcoming action. The RMT and TSSA will be striking over job and pay cuts and the closure of ticket offices, vital for many including elderly and many disabled people. The strike action will continue for 48 hours from 9pm today (4th feb).

If you are reading this on the LUL intranet, much of the rest of this article will be blank as LUL blocks social media

Picket Locations - Every Job Matters Dispute & TFL Dispute


RMT member,

Every job matters - Building for the dispute

Picket lines will be from 2100 on Feb 4 to cover night book- ons in depots and on stations etc. Contact Branch secretary’s for full details.

All the following picket lines will start from approximately 0445 right through until 2300 on Wednesday Feb 5 and from 0445-2059 on Feb 6.

LUL Engineering & Fleet have slightly different plans, please contact Branch Secs. directly.

TfL also will picket their locations slightly later. Please contact Branch sec for full details.

Fit For The Fightback: Trains Newsletter 3

fftf - trains 3.png

Attached is the third edition of 'Fit for the Fightback: Trains.' This newsletter is written by train drivers for train drivers as we prepare for the fightback against LUL's devastating plan to cut nearly a thousand jobs, close all ticket offices, cut pay and rip up conditions.

TOPRA - Train Operators Professional Agreement


Attached is TOPRA - Train Operators Professional Agreement, dated May 2013.

Every Job Matters Dispute ACAS Report 3

Stock Image.jpg

Dear RMT members

Today Friday 31st January ,We attended the 4th day of exploratory talks this week with LUL,called by ACAS . It's clear that now after all this time LUL understand that we will only discuss/consult or negotiate change in LUL for Fit for the Future Stations or for that matter anything else whilst the management are not imposing those same changes at the same time.

We have proof that they have done so by issuing the form HR1 on the union , by activating the severance trawl , by starting E learning on the LUL intranet .By imposing the changes by the back door.

Report: Bank group level one meeting, 28 January 2014

Yesterday (28 January), there was a Level One meeting for Bank group, attended by me (RMT rep), the TSSA rep and the GSM. Official minutes will appear in due course. Issues discussed, and outcomes, included the following:

It was noted that staff were not give adequate notice of the new roster at St. Paul’s and Chancery Lane at the end of last year. You are entitled to 14 days notice of any change to the roster, and management committed that this will happen in future.

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