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London Underground Ltd

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News, reports and information for RMT members who work for London Underground Ltd

Nominations open for LU MATS Rep


Roy Carey has recently stood down from the role of MATS Rep for Tfl No.1 & LU MATS Branch on 11th May 2015.

The Branch has elected DTSM Lorna Tooley in the interim

We would like to open this position for nominations (for MATS LU Operational grades only)

The nominee must be in attendance at the next meeting to be held on 8th June 5pm at The Crown Pub, 108 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8HW

Please notify Branch Secretary Paul Rutland or Branch Chair Linda Wiles

Waterloo & City Dispute Resolution Talks Collapse



Further to my previous Circular (IR/340/14, 19th December 2015), members will recall that the industrial action was suspended to allow for further discussions to take place and to explore a way forward that would meet our claim for Service Controller’s to be paid the SCL1 for the job.

RMT Fights Against Rainbow Process As Fit For Work Member Sacked



Further to my previous Circular (IR/100/15, 16th April 2015), a resolution regarding this matter has been received from the London Transport Regional Council, which notes the recent dismissal of Noel Roberts whilst fit and at work. This amounts to a capability/rainbow dismissal which is not a recognised nor agreed procedure with our Union and leaves all LUL members vulnerable to being sacked whilst fit and at work.

Push For Permanent Jobs For Fixed Term Contract Station Workers



Further to my previous Circular (IR/70/15, 12th March 2015), this matter was raised at a Stations Functional Council meeting where a failure to agree was recorded over the Company refusing to honour its transfer procedure for station staff and I am currently seeking legal advice as to whether LUL’s action constitutes a breach of members’ contracts of employment.

New Tube Uniform - RMT Uniform Committee Update


New London Underground Uniform
RMT Uniform Consultative Committee Update, April 2015

What’s happened so far?
2013 – 2014: uniform design. The RMT Uniform Committee reps gave feedback to the designers, prioritising comfort and practicality. Like most staff, we argued for a professional look, as opposed to the multi-coloured, clown-like look that LU initially proposed.


Attached is the London Underground SPAD policy, Case Conference for Safety Competance procedure and the Case Conference Guidelines.

These documents could be useful for both members and reps involved in SPAD incidents.

Location matters - Get your reviews in


All members who intend to appeal on the grounds that LUL have wrongly displaced them please send details to Paul Schindler at schindlerrmt@gmail.com
They can then be raised directly with the project managers if necessary.
This should be done as well as requesting a review.

Pay Update: No New Offer From Tube Bosses


To all RMT members in LUL:

Pay and Night Tube update

Today and earlier this week on Monday I met LUL directors, with our senior reps to discuss and negotiate on pay 2015 and night tube arrangements.

Once again no new offer was made.

As members will know LUL have so far tabled an offer of:

.. This is effectively a pay cut

2015 ...0.75%

Night tube

RMT Says No To New Tube Faulty Radio Procedure



There is a new rule going live on May 4th, OSN 118. This would see trains running in passenger services with no direct contact the controller. This is obviously an unacceptable risk to the RMT.

We have had various meetings with LU on this matter and we have continually objected to its introduction. As LU were intent on imposing this on us we have contacted our Head Office with a view to escalating the matter. You will be hearing from our union top brass in due course on this matter.

Is Tube Bosses Night Tube Website Promoting Inaccurate Information?


London Underground bosses have launched a new website for tube workers which supposedly provides some answers on what Night Tube will mean for us. However there is one big inaccuracy. A question on the site asks “Are you going to change staff frameworks?” And the answer given is that “we do not believe it is currently necessary”.

However LUL bosses - some time ago - said the opposite, writing to the RMT saying they wish to enter into negotiations on frameworks; and these negotiations are taking place right now.

The Night Tube website is clearly misleading.

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