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Details on the Pensions & Passes dispute can be found here.

Jubilee Line Strike Ballot Called


RMT members working for Tube Lines in the Permanent Way Department (track) on the Jubilee Line are being balloted for both strike action and action short of a strike from today in a dispute over the withdrawal of rest days, the union confirmed this morning.

The dispute, which has massive implications for the Jubilee Line services, is over an all-out attack by the management on properly rostered and agreed time off away from work. The removal of rest days would wreck the work/life balance of staff and effectively leave them at the beck and call of their managers.

Tube Lines Members Balloted In Rest Day Dispute



We have entered into dispute with Tube Lines after they took away the rest days of our Jubilee Line Permanent Way members. We believe it is totally unacceptable to remove our members’ right to proper rostered agreed quality time off away from work. The union has therefore entered into dispute with the company and ballot papers will be sent to members later this week with a closing date of Thursday 19th June 2014.

North Fields Depot Dispute Reaches Agreement

Stratford Market Depot

A ballot for strike action and industrial action short of a strike was held of our Tube Lines members at Northfield Depot over a Breakdown in industrial relations. This dispute related to reports we had received that management had been riding roughshod over agreements relating to the Sickness and Attendance Procedures. They had also withheld sickpay, denied the right to raise a grievance as well as the right to trade union representation.

Tube Lines Depot Staff To Be Balloted For Strike Action Over Abuse Of Procedures

Stratford Market Depot

Tube Lines depot staff to be balloted for strike action over abuse of procedures

Tube union RMT confirmed today that it will begin balloting Tube Lines members at Northfields Depot for both strike action and action short of a strike later this week in a dispute over the wholesale abuse of agreements and procedures.

Among the catalogue of complaints tabled by the union are;

  • abuse of the agreed Sickness and Attendance Agreements and Procedures
  • denying members the right to access the grievance procedure
  • withholding members’ sick pay

RMT London Calling Newsletter September 2013


In this months newsletter:

  • We Will Unite & Fight to Stop Job Cuts
  • Why Can’t LU Keep Ticket Offices Open?
  • RMT Taxi Branch Resists Attempts to Loosen Rules on “Plying for Hire”
  • RMT will Demand Payment for all Staff Working on Boxing Day
  • Tube Lines Pension Dispute
  • Bombardier Pay And Conditions Talks Continue
  • RMT Push For Increased Representation at TfL
  • RMT will Demand Payment for all Staff Working on Boxing Day
  • Back Dated Pay Rises For Cleaners & Security Workers Still Short Of London Living Wage
  • STOP PRESS: CLEANERS VOTE OVERWHELMINGLY to refuse to use fingerprint scanners to book on for Duty

This article and the attached newsletter was updated on the 22nd of September to remove an outdated story about a member facing disciplinary

Tube Lines Joint Working Party


We note the report from our lead officer, summarising the views expressed at our representatives’ meeting on 23 August. Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary to advise the employer that:

  1. trade union representation on the Joint Working Party should be proportional to the membership of the trade unions; that RMT’s delegation should include all our Company Council members; and that all members of the JWP should be either Tube Lines employees or full-time officers;

Tube Lines Reps To Discuss Further Action In Tube Lines Pension Dispute


We note the report from our lead officer, recommending industrial action in pursuit of this dispute. We instruct the General Secretary to arrange a meeting of our Tube Lines representatives as soon as is practical to discuss what form this action should take and to place a report in front of us.

London Transport Regional Council, branches and Tube Lines representatives to be advised.

Tube Bosses Refuse To Uphold "No Compulsory Redundancies" Agreement


We note the report from our lead officer.

We deplore the stated intention of the employer to refuse to:

  • allow transferring staff to join the TfL Pension Scheme;
  • uphold the settlement of the 2001 PPP dispute which includes ‘no compulsory redundancies’ and explicitly applies to all employees and all future employers; and
  • recognise RMT in departments into which our members are transferring

In accordance with the request of our lead officer, we instruct the General Secretary to obtain legal advice on these matters, to uphold the rights of our members.

Plan To Block Transferred Workers From Pension Scheme Will Be Resisited


We note the report from our lead officer. While welcoming the reintegration of some Tube Lines staff into LUL and TfL, we are disappointed that some will remain in Tube Lines, and appalled that the companies plan not to allow transferring staff to join the TfL Pension Scheme.

This is an attack not just on these members’ rights but on the security of the pensions of all other staff.

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain a report on how we might progress our fight over this issue, and to place it in front of us within 14 days.

Tube Lines Newsletter: Pensions Latest

Tube Lines Strike

'Reintegration' brings new threat to pensions and conditions

RMT has slammed plans to transfer some Tube Lines clerical and project staff back in-house to TfL and London Underground without pension or travel facilities, and has threatened industrial action to defend the terms and conditions of its members.

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