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Campaigning for better pay

TfL Abrogates Responsibility As Carlisle Refuses To Pay London Living Wage

Carlisle Cleaning And Security

We note the correspondence on file from Transport for London. We do not accept its abrogation of responsibility for Carlisle’s disgraceful refusal to pay the London Living Wage.

Transport for London (and other public bodies) must take responsibility for bodies in its chain of contracting. We further note the lack of response from Boris Johnson, and instruct the General Secretary to step up our public and political campaigning on this matter.

ISS Increases London Living Wage 6 Months Late


We note that a meeting is to take place with ISS on 18 April and instruct the General Secretary to place a report of this meeting in front of us.

We further note that ISS intends to only pay the uprated level of the London Living Wage six months after the uprating is announced, and claims that this is allowed for in its contract. We are appalled by this, which means in practice that our members are expected to live on less than a living wage for 50% of their lives.

ISS Annual Leave Purchase Plan Would Leave Some Workers Earning Less than Minimum Wage

Cleaners Demo

We note the report from our lead officer, that ISS has still not responded to our request for a meeting to discuss this issue. We instruct the General Secretary to pursue this, and should such a meeting not have been scheduled within 14 days, to place this matter back in front of us.

"Effective Union Organisation" Leads To Industry Leading London Overground Pay Rise


Rail Union RMT confirmed today that after constructive talks with London Overground the union and the company have agreed an industry-leading 3.85% pay deal for LOROL staff in 2013 as part of a 4 year pay award. Years 2,3 and 4 are inflation (RPI) plus 0.5% - protecting and enhancing staff living standards into the future at a time when there is an unprecedented national attack on wages and conditions.

RMT Calls For Urgent Discussion Over Missing Bonus Payment

LUL Roundel

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd attempting to justify the non-payment of the end-of-year £100 CSS bonus to staff. None of the documentation provided by the company shows this union agreeing to, or even being advised of, this policy.

We instruct the General Secretary to table this for urgent discussion at LUL Company Council and to seek the support of the other LUL trade unions for the restoration of this £100 stolen from our members by their employer.

ISS Cleaners In Dispute Over Pay, Rosters & Fingerprinting


We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and accordingly declare this union in dispute with ISS on these matters, including:

  • ‘Bradford Factor’ attendance rules
  • new rostering, extending the unpaid break in the middle of the shift from 30 minutes
    to 45, 60 or even 75 minutes
  • biometric booking on, including for agency staff
  • non-payment of the increased London Living Wage until six months after the uprating

Tube Lines Newsletter: Pensions Latest

Tube Lines Strike

'Reintegration' brings new threat to pensions and conditions

RMT has slammed plans to transfer some Tube Lines clerical and project staff back in-house to TfL and London Underground without pension or travel facilities, and has threatened industrial action to defend the terms and conditions of its members.

RMT Insists Cleaning Contractor Increases Pay In Line With London Living Wage

Cleaners Demo

We note the report of the meeting of our ISS representatives and members which took place on 20 February 2013.

We are appalled that ISS is reportedly not paying the London Living Wage (LLW), having not increased it when the rate was increased. We insist that ISS increase its employees’ wages in line with the LLW uprate at the time that it is uprated, not six months later. We instruct the General Secretary to make urgent representations to ISS, its contracting company Tube Lines, that company’s owners Transport For London, and to the TfL Board, GLA and Mayor, and to seek press coverage on this matter.

3.8% Pay Rise For Tube Lines Workers

Stock Image

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow


You will be aware that we are currently in year 4 of the 5 year pay. It was agreed that year 4 would be based on the actual RPI in January 2013 which is published in February 2013 + 0.5% or a minimum 2% whichever is the greater.

Therefore I write to advise you that the RPI figure for January 2013 was 3.3%, which means an increase in pay for this year of 3.8%, effective from 1st April 2013.

I have been advised that the company will implement this from April 2013.

Tube Lines Strike Suspended For Meetings On Pension & Travel Equality


We note the report of our representatives’ meeting, and further note that a meeting with the employer is due to take place on 8 March regarding our demands for travel equality, and a further meeting towards the end of March regarding our demand for pensions equality.

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