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Campaigning for better pay

RMT Demands Cleaning Services Be Brought Back In House

Cleaners Demo

We note the resolution from the London Transport Regional Council and agree that the union must deal effectively with our members demands and aspirations employed in the cleaner grade. The most effective way for our members concerned to secure decent terms and conditions and social justice in the long term is through industrial trade unionism and rock solid organisation.

Pay For Performance – Defend Your Pensionable Pay – Transport For London



Further to my previous correspondence, I would again like to congratulate you for supporting your union’s call for strike action and action short of a strike in defence of your pension. Your Executive has carefully considered the strong wish of you and your colleagues to carry out industrial action in order to oppose these plans and those expressed by your representatives to fight TfL’s plans. I can now advise you that your General Grades Committee has decided to amend some of the industrial action.

Docklands Light Railway Strike Off


The RMT General Grades Committee has agreed to accept pay offers from Serco Docklands AND Carlisle. As a result all strikes are called off.

We congratulate all members for their resolve in their campaign for a decent pay settlement on Serco, for the London Living Wage on Carlisle and the commitments forced from the company on the other matters involved in this dispute.

RMT Disgust At DLR Carlisle Refusal To Honour Pay Agreement


We note the report from our Regional Organiser and the correspondence from our Docklands Light Railway branch. We share their disgust that Carlisle management is openly reneging on its letter to us of 6 August 2013 by refusing to honour its promised timetable for the incremental increase in pay rates to the level of the London Living Wage (LLW), and refusing to award any pay rise to those members who are currently paid the LLW rate or above.

Not Fit For The Future - What Pay For Performance?

all unions leflet.PNG

On Wednesday TfL held a special meeting of the Company Council where they presented further information on their plans to freeze staff pay and slash the value of their pensions.

Blog: The Wage Gap

Fat Cat.png

The Evening Standard ran an article today on the top earners at London Underground. Managing Director Mike Brown it states earned £476,00. TfL Commissioner Peter Hendy meanwhile earned £652,000 - 33 times that of one of TfL's lowest wage earners on £20k. If you take into account contracted workers, at the bottom of the wage pile such as cleaners and canteen staff, that difference in wage grows even further.

As Boxing Day Tube Use Increases, RMT Calls For Equal Bonus For All Grades


We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd dated 13 September and 1 October 2013, and the discussion of this item at the Company Council meeting on 26 September 2013. This correspondence confirms that the LUL/ASLEF agreement traded changes to the Train Operators Resourcing Agreement (TOPRA) for the £350 bonus for working on Boxing Day.

RMT London Calling Newsletter September 2013


In this months newsletter:

  • We Will Unite & Fight to Stop Job Cuts
  • Why Can’t LU Keep Ticket Offices Open?
  • RMT Taxi Branch Resists Attempts to Loosen Rules on “Plying for Hire”
  • RMT will Demand Payment for all Staff Working on Boxing Day
  • Tube Lines Pension Dispute
  • Bombardier Pay And Conditions Talks Continue
  • RMT Push For Increased Representation at TfL
  • RMT will Demand Payment for all Staff Working on Boxing Day
  • Back Dated Pay Rises For Cleaners & Security Workers Still Short Of London Living Wage
  • STOP PRESS: CLEANERS VOTE OVERWHELMINGLY to refuse to use fingerprint scanners to book on for Duty

This article and the attached newsletter was updated on the 22nd of September to remove an outdated story about a member facing disciplinary

City Link Workers To Strike For A Week Over Pay Cuts Of Up To £4000


This industrial action has been called off

Transport union RMT announced today that hundreds of staff working for City Link will be taking seven days of strike action in a dispute over pay, working conditions and an attempt by the company management to bulldoze through changes to contracts.

The workforce will strike for seven days from 00.01 hours on Tuesday 24th September to 12.59 hours on Monday 30th September 2013.

Bombardier Pay And Conditions Talks Update


We note the report from our Regional Organiser. While we welcome the move from individual contracts to collective bargaining of pay and conditions for Train Service Technicians, the current offer is not acceptable to us because:
- for some members, this represents a below-inflation pay rise
- it removes the enhanced rate of pay for overtime
- it allocates annual leave in hours rather than days, which will result in a loss of leave

We therefore instruct our Regional Organiser to pursue this matter through the appropriate procedure, to secure an acceptable offer.

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