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LU Engineering branch

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Includes engineering staff of all grades employed by Metronet, TubeLines and contractors.

The LUL Engineering branch has a website here and is on Facebook here

RMT Ends Dispute With MJ Quinn Following Olympic Bonus And Pay Increment, Whilst Telent Dispute Suspended For Further Talks

We note the resolutions from our LU Engineering branch, and in line with these, we instruct the General Secretary to:

  • advise MJ Quinn that following its Olympic bonus, pay increment and relaxation of
    leave restriction, we are no longer in dispute with the company on this contract
  • cancel the ballot of our members on this MJ Quinn contract
  • advise our members of this decision
  • keep our ballot of our members on Telent in suspension
  • place in front of us reports on further talks with Telent and reports from our branch as
    to members’ views

Rock Solid Tube Lines Strike Causes Considerable Delay And Train Cancellations

  • Tube Lines RMT members to begin overtime ban from 00:01 on Wednesday 9 May until 00:01 on Wednesday 23 May
  • RMT applauds Tube Lines Staff who went on strike and LU staff who refused to work duties due to safety concerns.

RMT general grades have made the following decision:

We note the report from our lead officer and applaud our Tube Lines members for their solid, strong and effective strike action from 24-27 April. We also applaud those members on London Underground who

Branch motion: LU & Tube Lines Ballot For Olympic Working

Submitted by LU Engineering branch

The GGC have decided that the RMT will not agree any breaches to the framework agreement either forced or voluntary.

Tube Lines strike update

  • Action commences at 16.00 hrs today (24TH April) when Tube Lines staff, including the Emergency Response Unit, will walk off the job.
  • It is important to point out that the impact of the action will extend beyond 72 hours as the strike decision says that … “members are instructed to return to work for shifts starting after 16:00hrs on Friday 27 April 2012.” Due to the shift patterns this means that the action and its impact on services will last throughout Friday evening.

London Fire Brigades Union Backs Striking Tube Lines Workers


London Fire Brigades Union is backing Tube Lines workers starting a 72-hour strike from 4pm this afternoon. The tube workers want access to the Transport for London pension scheme.

Ian Leahair, FBU Executive Council member for London said: “We’re throwing our support behind the Tube Lines workers taking strike action to secure access to the TfL pension scheme. A decent occupational pension is essential for workers to ensure they are not living in poverty in retirement.

Concern As Tube Lines Workers Medical Cover Is Transferred To New Provider With No Consultation With RMT

We note the correspondence from our lead officer, and share his alarm that Tube Lines has notified members that it to change its occupational health provider from Aviva to Capita without any consultation with this union, and has written to members asking them to sign release forms for their medical information to be transferred to Capita.

Tube Lines Strikes To Begin On April 24th

The Tube Lines ballot has had an excellent result with 80% of those taking part voting yes to strike action to fight for equal passes and pensions.

Four To One Vote For Strike Action On Tube Lines In Fight For Pension’s Justice

TUBE UNION RMT today confirmed a four to one vote for strike action in a ballot of Tube Lines staff in support of a dispute over pensions and benefits justice.

RMT Pursues Representation on APD Reorganisation

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the correspondence from London Underground and the feedback from our branch secretary, which can be found on file.

We note that Sister Darby has requested a personal meeting with the Employee Relations Director of London Underground about this issue, and instruct the General Secretary to obtain a report on this meeting, following which we will consider options for representation in negotiations on this issue.

We further instruct the General Secretary to pursue the other parts of our previous decision of 24 January.

RMT and Emcor Rail

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note that following objections from our representatives, Emcor Rail withdrew its plan to introduce fingerprinting, and ceased using vehicle trackers to inappropriately monitor staff. We welcome this outcome, and congratulate our representatives and branch. We instruct the General Secretary to make this information available to all lead officers, as we are aware that other employers attempt to introduce these unacceptable practices.

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