London Bridge 3

Ballot to defend the London Bridge three poster - YOUR VOTE MATTERS!

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Ballot papers will be sent out on May 15 and must be returned by first post June 13 


It's important you vote. The new anti Trade Union laws impose a higher threshold on our ballots and a simple majority is not sufficient.


Meeting called to discuss London Bridge dispute

Dear Colleagues


Following the ballot of all Station Staff members you will now be aware that despite an overwhelming vote in favour of taking industrial action, the ballot turnout failed to meet compliance with the new legal thresholds that have been introduced. This means we cannot take strike or any other action in support of your three colleagues.

Have we seen the London bridge 3 CCTV? Yes

Dear member,

It has been brought to my attention that management are deliberately spreading misinformation in an attempt to undermine our ballot, specifically, that RMT has not had sight of the CCTV footage of the events giving rise to the disciplinary action against our three members.

This is completely untrue. I myself have seen the whole CCTV footage that has been used against the London Bride Three. Indeed, myself and Brian Woodhead, JNP Operations Director actually sat down and watched it together at Lee Cornell’s Directors’ Review Hearing.

Poster: London Bridge 3 station ballot begins

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London Bridge 3 Victimisation Dispute


In light of the deplorable treatment of our three members including Brother Cornell’s dismissal after 19 years service via an utter miscarriage of justice, your union has taken the decision to escalate this dispute and ballot ALL Stations Grades and Revenue Control Inspector members for strike action and industrial action short of a strike.

Tube strike ballot to be held in defense of London Bridge 3

In light of the deplorable treatment of our stations staff members; Brothers Siussi 52 weeks final warning, Sharp 52 weeks final warning, along with Cornel’s summary dismissal and his failed appeal that was an utter miscarriage of justice; We instruct the General Secretary to ballot all grades/members (CSA1, CSA2, CSS, CSM’s & RCI’s but excluding LU Staff Trainers at Ashfield House) based in all station areas and Cover Groups on London Underground for strike action and actions short of a strike.