Past Regional Council meetings

Minutes and reports from past meetings of RMT's London Transport Regional Council.

RMT Executive Report To London Transport Regional Council October 2013

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These are notes from Council of Executive Member Janine Booth's report to the London Transport Regional Council meeting. The meeting is held on the last Thursday of each month, and members are welcome and encouraged to attend.



- ‘Bargaining for gender equality’ European event
- UN/ITF Day of Action, 25 November
- 7 November = ‘Equal Pay Day’
- Malala Youssafzai

- new TUC guide available on LGBT rights at work
- international LGBT rights

- internal structures review


Resolutions Passed At Regional Council September 2013


These resolutions were passed at the Regional Council meeting held in September 2013.

Oyster Cards Resolution
This branch is appalled at the error that removes money from people's wave and pay accounts instead of their oyster. We believe TfL should publicise this matter and repay any monies collected by mistake. We call on our Union to contact TfL and demand these actions are done

Eastern European Migrant Workers

Executive Report Regional Council September 2013

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This is our Council Of Executive Member Janine Booth's report to the regional Council meeting for September. This is just a brief overview - many of the items will be on this site, but you can find out more by attending regional council held on the last Thursday of each month at the Exmouth Arms near Euston Station.


• Advisory Committee meeting today; verbal report to be given

RMT Regional Council August 2013: Motions

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Justice For The 33
"This region calls on the national executive to enact the request for a ballot for industrial action regarding the issue of casualisation of labour on LUL and the re -instatement of the workers known as the J33 into permanent positions". Finsbury Park

Driverless Trains
We are dismayed to learn that on July 4th London Mayor Boris Johnson again called for driverless trains to be introduced on the Underground. He informed the media that LUL will never again order trains with driver’s cabs.

Motions Passed at Regional Council Meeting July 2013

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Funding Cuts
We are appalled by the Chancellor's announcement of a 9% funding cut to the Department for Transport, including a 12.5% funding cut to Transport for London. This savage cut can only lead to attacks on jobs, conditions, service standards and safety on all TfL services: London Underground, London Overground, buses, DLR and others.

We believe that the union should not wait for the detail of these cuts to be announced, but should launch a campaign now, building on our previous work and based around:

Reports To London Transport Regional Council Meeting April 2013

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At this month's London Transport Regional Council Meeting, reports were given by our Executive member Janine Booth and Regional Organiser John Leach.

These are just notes of the areas discussed - to find out more, have a look through this site, speak to your local rep and do your best to attend branch meetings and the LTRC meeting which is held on the last Thursday of each month except June and December.

Meeting Agenda

London Transport Regional Council Officers 2013/14

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If you need contact details for any of these people, you can contact the web team here.



President - Linda Wiles

February 2013 Regional Council Executive Report & Motions Passed

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This report of the February RMT London Transport Regional Council meeting has notes from our Executive Member Janine Booth's report, and the motions passed at the meeting. For more information please use the links to relevant articles where they are provided or speak to your local rep. You can also contact us for more details.

Regional Council Meeting Report November 2012

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This is a synopsis of the report given by the London Transport Region Executive Member Janine Booth to the London Transport Regional Council Meeting on 29th November 2012.

To get more details please try and attend your branch meeting or regional council - your rep should have more information too. Alternatively this site has lots of information and material for workplaces in the London Region.



Resolutions Carried At London Transport Regional Meeting October 2012

These resolutions were passed at the October London Transport Regional Council Meeting.

Right to elect workplace representatives - Jubilee South Branch
This branch is disgusted with the attacks being made by management and the devious methods they are using to try not to recognise our rep for Stratford/North Greenwich depots.
Jason Moriarty, elected for this position by members of the branch, has refused to be recognised by LUL, despite him previously being the rep, and having had full recognition.

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