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Central Line East branch

StratfordFormerly Stratford No 1 branch, Central Line East branch includes LUL station staff (SS, SA(CR), SAMF, CSA) at all Central line stations from Holborn to Epping, Cleaners on these stations, LUL Train Operators and Instructor Operators and Sodexho canteen staff at Leytonstone, Hainault and Loughton depots.

Central Line East branch meets on the second Thursday of every month 17:00-19:15 at the ex-Services club, Leytonstone - map here.

Every Job Matters Central Line East Branch Newsletter

Centrl east ejm news.png

Find attached the Central Line East Branch Newsletter.

This newsletter is concerned with the company's attack upon jobs and by default, the pension plan.

Please print off and distribute widely.

RMT Points Out To Management That On W&C We Are Balloting For Action Short Of Strike - Not Going On Strike

  • Re-grading of waterloo & city line service control staff – london underground.

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd dated 15 November 2013. We instruct the General Secretary to reply, pointing out that our ballot is for action short of strike action, not for strike action as stated in the letter, and that our lead officer will attend the suggested meeting at a mutually-convenient time.

A report of this meeting is to be placed in front of us. London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

Noam Gur, Israeli Military Refuser, speaks

14/11/2013 19:00

Noam is a 19 year old woman from Jerusalem who was jailed last year for refusing to serve on the Israeli Defence Force as part of compulsory national service.

She says:

Tube Bosses Avoid Response To RMT Demand On Detrainment Staff


We note the reply from London Underground Ltd regarding inner inter-car barriers. We note that this letter does not address the request in our previous letter for an assurance that LUL has abandoned all plans to remove detrainment staff from the Central Line (or any other line) and all plans to reduce the number of staff on its stations. We do not accept that this can wait until after the Formal Investigation Report, and instruct the General Secretary to write to LUL again specifically on this matter, insisting on a reply, which is to be placed in front of us.

Central Line Tube Dispute Update


We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd responding to the seriousissues raised by our representatives in this dispute. We instruct the lead officer to obtain the views on our Central line drivers’ representatives on this response, and instruct the General Secretary to place a report of these views in front of us.

RMT To Meet With Initial Bosses In Attempt To Halt Victimization Of Sister Osagiede

Stock Image

We note that Initial has issued Sister Osagiede with a written warning and that she is appealing this decision.

We further note that Initial is, separately from the disciplinary sanction, attempting to relocate Sister Osagiede to Aldgate station. This is unacceptable to Sister Osagiede and to RMT, as:

  • Clara is contracted to Hainault depot
  • There is now no impediment to Clara returning to Hainault depot as management's investigation is completed
  • Clara has had her disciplinary and received a written warning, not any decision to change her work location

RMT To Pursue Dispute Over Central Line 'Authoritarian Disciplinary Regime'


We note the resolution from our Central Line East branch, which we understand is also supported by our trains representatives in Central Line West branch. We share our branches’ alarm at the deterioration of industrial relations on the Line, including abuses of procedures, safety concerns, and an authoritarian disciplinary regime.

In line with our branches’ request, we instruct the General Secretary to contact London Underground Ltd as a matter of urgency demanding a line meeting, to include all our Central line trains representatives (health & safety and industrial relations).

Sacked For An Honest - And Admitted - Mistake

Dave Issit.PNG

Sledge Hammer diplomacy on a loyal company servant. Station Supervisor Dave Issit and his family thrown to the wolves !

Station Supervisor Dave Issit attended a CDI On 19 February, where he was summarily dismissed from LUL. The company upheld this decision at an appeal on 18/03/2013.

Poster For Cleaner Members In Stratford Branch


A poster has been created for cleaner members in the Stratford No 1 branch. It includes details of the meeting. All members including cleaners are encouraged to attend meetings as often as they can.

Resolutions Carried At London Transport Regional Meeting October 2012

These resolutions were passed at the October London Transport Regional Council Meeting.

Right to elect workplace representatives - Jubilee South Branch
This branch is disgusted with the attacks being made by management and the devious methods they are using to try not to recognise our rep for Stratford/North Greenwich depots.
Jason Moriarty, elected for this position by members of the branch, has refused to be recognised by LUL, despite him previously being the rep, and having had full recognition.

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