London Underground Strike Suspended - New Action Called

As members will be aware, your Union has been in intensive discussions with LUL at ACAS in an effort to reach agreement and resolve the current disputes over Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service & Night Running and Every Job Matters – Defending Jobs on London Underground. Now, as a result of the 100% support we have been receiving from you and your colleagues including two all-out strikes, a position has been reached that allows us to suspend the industrial action.

London Underground has been informed that ALL INDUSTRIAL ACTION IS SUSPENDED. This includes the two 24-hour strikes starting from tomorrow Tuesday 25th August and all industrial action short of a strike including the overtime ban. All RMT members working for London Underground should report for work and undertake all duties as normal.

Although you are all to be congratulated and commended for enabling us to reach this position, the disputes are not over and there are still a few matters that need further attention before we can reach a final position and a resolution. It may be necessary to take further action and the General Grades Committee has decided that this would take place between Tuesday 8th and Thursday 10th September 2015. I will write to you again to provide further details nearer the time.

I have advised LUL that any movement towards the implementation of Night Tube, including running any test trains for Night Tube, will lead to us calling further industrial action without delay. Likewise, if our reasonable and just demands to protect the jobs and terms and conditions of Station Staff are not met, this will also lead to us calling further industrial action without delay.

I will of course keep you advised of all further developments.

Yours sincerely Mick Cash General Secretary