Be Prepared To Strike

Dear RMT reps/activists

Please see attached some new flyers for distribution to London Underground members. The purpose of these is to ensure that members know that we will probably need to strike again and that they are ready for this; that non-members are encouraged to join and be part of the fight; and to step up pressure on LUL management.

Printed copies will be available at the Regional Council Executive meeting next Tuesday and after that from Unity House.

In the meantime, if you can print them yourself, please do so. The first page should be cut into quarters, and the second and third pages into halves, creating four separate flyers. You can choose which size to use - perhaps according to how much noticeboard space you have!

If you can neither print them nor pick them up from Unity House, please email me your address and I will get some sent to you.

These flyers are for London Underground Ltd members and workplaces. There will be new material soon for use in all companies/workplaces across the region.

Yours in solidarity
Janine Booth
Publicity Officer
RMT London Transport Regional Council

Prepare to Strike