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Pay talks update


To all RMT members on LUL

Today myself and senior reps met LUL directors to continue our discussions on pay in LUL for 2015.

For 5 hours of talks we forcefully made the case for a decent pay offer and also a good night tube deal for ALL EFFECTED LUL EMPLOYEES.Despite this no new offer was made by the company . The talks have adjourned now and will reconvene next Monday 27th .

Also I have requested the release of all of our reps across LUL in all functions for a report back and discussion on Wednesday 6th May (this has not been agreed by mangment yet)

Central Line Suspended As Engineers Train Derails


On the news that an engineering train was derailed on the Central Line this morning, largest rail union RMT's General Secretary Mick Cash said:

"RMT officials are seeking to obtain further information on the serious derailment on the Central Line last night. While the union seeks to establish the facts the incident once again throws under the spotlight the ever present issue of safety on the Underground for both staff and passengers alike."

RMT: Transport Cuts Give Thugs And Racists Green Light For Violence


RMT on BTP conference on violence on transport services:

General Secretary Mick Cash said.

"‎The public should be under no illusions. The whole object of policy on our transport services at the moment is to axe staff and that gives a green light to thugs, drunks and racists to indulge in their violent, abusive and anti-social behaviour.

"From chopping guards off the trains, to closing ticket offices on London Underground to cutting staff on stations and platforms the whole austerity and profit driven agenda is turning our transport system into a thugs and criminals paradise.

Tube Failures Throw Spotlight On Boris's Looming Night Tube Chaos


TUBE UNION RMT today warned Londoners that this mornings disruption arising from signalling breakdowns and train failures on the Piccadilly, Bakerloo and Jubilee lines are a reminder of the serious challenges that face the overstretched tube infrastructure and fleet – challenges that are set to be deepened by the planned night running service due to be introduced later this year.

Jubilee Line M Door Dispute Continues


Management are still pushing to introduced a new procedure for when a rear M door alarm activates – proceeding to the next station rather than investigating first.

We believe this is unsafe for a number of reasons. It is also an example of management’s attempts to dumb down our job by taking away the need for a train operator.

RMT PMA Dispute Progresses Following 'Unacceptable' Tube Bosses Position



Further to my previous Circular (IR/432/13, 25th July 2013), this matter has been listed on the LUL Company Council agenda where we raised the issue that having the same PMA present at a CDI and any associated appeal created an unfair bias in the process. The involvement of PMAs in the disciplinary process has been disputed by RMT for some years now as we see it as an additional management resource.

As Tube Job Cuts Kick In, Race Crimes Increase


RMT demands end to staff cuts as new figures show continuing increases in race hate crimes on our railways

RAIL UNION RMT today demanded an end to staffing cuts as new figures obtained by the Press Association reveal that the number of suspected race hate crimes taking place on the railways continues to rise with four reported to police every day last year.

RMT Highlights Opposition To Rainbow Procedure


Further to my previous Circular (IR/120/13, 21st February 2013), the Attendance, Performance and Conduct (APC) working group met to discuss this matter where RMT confirmed that we remain opposed to this policy and LUL’s use and abuse of its attendance policy more generally. The following resolution has recently been received from our Piccadilly & District West Branch in respect of this matter:-

Tube Pay Offer Rejected


Pay negotiations update from RMT Regional Organiser John Leach.

This afternoon I attended talks with RMT senior functional reps and Directors of LUL.

Members will know that the company so far have offered a two year pay deal 2015 ..0.50% and 2016 RPI and two one off payments of £250 for night tube.

At todays meeting the company have marginally revised the offer to:

2015...0.75%(1/4 %increase)
2016 ..RPI

So over the two years the offer has been moved by a mere 0.25%!

May Day Demo For Sacked Sodexo Rep Petrit Mihaj

Petrit Mihaj.png


Further to my previous Circular (IR/332/14, 15th December 2014), Branches will be aware of the on-going campaign against Brother Mihaj’s dismissal from Sodexo. A meeting took place with the Senior Assistant General Secretary, the Lead Officer, LTRC and Branch Officers to discuss the issue and the following resolution has recently been received from the London Transport Regional Council:-

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