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London Underground Ltd

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News, reports and information for RMT members who work for London Underground Ltd

Lethal programme of Tube cuts to be announced tomorrow

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TUBE UNION RMT warned today that they have been notified by London Underground that a major announcement on jobs, services and safety cuts is due to made to senior union representatives at 9am tomorrow – Thursday 21st November.

The announcement was trailed by tube boss Mike Brown at a recent meeting of the London Assembly where he confirmed that ticket offices, station and platform staffing and other safety critical posts would be threatened in response to £225 million annual cuts imposed on TFL in the Government Spending Review.

Blog: The Wage Gap

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The Evening Standard ran an article today on the top earners at London Underground. Managing Director Mike Brown it states earned £476,00. TfL Commissioner Peter Hendy meanwhile earned £652,000 - 33 times that of one of TfL's lowest wage earners on £20k. If you take into account contracted workers, at the bottom of the wage pile such as cleaners and canteen staff, that difference in wage grows even further.

Executive Welcomes & Supports Jubilee South Branch Call For Strike Ballot On Job Cuts Threat

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We note and adopt the report of our Southern Sub-committee.

We welcome the resolution from our Jubilee South branch, and support its proposals. We therefore instruct the General secretary to:

  1. Organise a public meeting in defence of London Underground jobs, preferably in conjunction with Action for Rail, and involving disability access to transport pressure groups such as Transport for All, and supportive MPs and GLA members.

RMT Points Out To Management That On W&C We Are Balloting For Action Short Of Strike - Not Going On Strike

  • Re-grading of waterloo & city line service control staff – london underground.

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd dated 15 November 2013. We instruct the General Secretary to reply, pointing out that our ballot is for action short of strike action, not for strike action as stated in the letter, and that our lead officer will attend the suggested meeting at a mutually-convenient time.

A report of this meeting is to be placed in front of us. London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

RMT Will Ballot For Tube Strike Immediately Should Job Cuts be Announced


We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd dated 13 November 2013, advising that the company is to reveal its ‘Stations Operating Model’ and formally launch consultation on the morning of 21 November 2013.

Strike ballot underway across London Underground over casualisation and threat to jobs and conditions


Tube union RMT confirmed today that ballot papers have been despatched to London Underground member’s in a strike vote of all staff over LU’s use of agency staff and the casualisation and downgrading of existing jobs across the network.

RMT is certain that part of the hidden cuts package being drawn up in secret by LU chiefs includes a specific programme to extend and expand the use of casualised, agency staff into all possible areas of the tube network on a rolling basis.

TFL Cuts Campaign – Summary of Campaigning Actions to Date

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  • A meeting has taken place at GS level with ASLEF, TSSA, Unite and the TUC where agreement was reached to hold a joint campaign against the cuts.
  • It was agreed that the joint campaign would be facilitated through the existing joint rail union Action for Rail Campaign which is coordinated by the TUC and South East TUC.
  • Other organisations have come on aboard to support the campaign including the National pensioners Convention, Disabled People against the Cuts and Transport for All.

Transport For All Describes Tube Plan To Replace People With Machines As Living In La-la-land


Transport For All; the charity campaigning for a fully accessible, reliable and affordable transport network for disabled and older Londoners has written to the Evening Standard describing the horror that disabled and older passengers will feel over tube bosses plans to cut staff.

Transport For All describe it as living in la-la-land to think cctv and ticket machines is a suitable alternative to station staff for the 43% of wheelchair users who have suffered hate crime on the tube, or the 29% of disabled people who feel unsafe using the underground.

The Letter

Stations & Revenue Functional News November 2013


LU is set to announce cuts in station staffing. RMT will fight to maintain 24/7 Supervisor cover for every station. We will oppose further cuts in Ticket office availablity.

Also: Rainbow seems to be returning to many groups with members called in to account for past sickness. read the latest advice here.

Download the newsletter.

RMT Steps Up Campaign Against Agency Attacks On Rail Jobs And Conditions


Rail union RMT said today that it is stepping up the campaign against attempts by agencies, notably Trainpeople, to force their way into the rail industry with the express intent of profiteering at the expense of jobs, security and decent pay and conditions.

RMT branches in Wales have alerted the union to the fact that there is a new drive by Trainpeople to try and get a foot in the door through an aggressive marketing approach to railway employers. The union has pledged again to fight off any attempts by Trainpeople, or similar agencies, to downgrade and casualise rail jobs.

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